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Can i switch job roles after passing ADSC

Just like the title says, my first choice was AAC(GC) and i've been told it might take a good while. I was wondering if i could switch to one of my other choices(RA Gunner, RE Armored Engineer) ?
Err, is not the question you are asking, "Can I change job roles after passing ADSC?" To which the answer is, "yes". But as previously mentioned, just ask the careers office.
After passing ADSC and if not allocated to a Phase 1 start date you may be able to change your job choice if your Recruiter/Senior recruiter are happy with your reasons for swopping...they will need to speak with the ADSO at ADSC and if they allow it you can then swop (obviously you have more chance if it was one of your original 3 preferences and if good enough reasons not just you want to get in quicker). Make sure 100% you want to do this for the right reasons as you are then very unlikely to be able to swop again so dont just do it to try and get in the army Quicker. Once allocated to a Phase 1 start date you then sign the Job offer letter stating your start date and job and also that it is very unlikely once in you will be able to change jobs once in unless the Army wants you to (this was introduced 6th april 2010). Just ensure your doing it for the right reasons and then discuss with your Recruiter as doing a job your not overally interested in to get in quicker will have you bored and wanting to leave after 4 years.

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