Can i still join?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Conor123, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. I know I'm stupid, ive been given alot of abuse about it but i have passed selection and im joining the RLC as a Driver, and 6 days ago i was caught speeding by a camera(not been fined or heard anything about it YET) its a provisional licence and i have spoke 2 3 different people ( two warrant officers 2nd class and a staff sergeant) and i have had 3 different answrs, will i be aloud in?
  2. i am expecting 3 points when it comes through.
  3. you should be aloud in M8. a simlar fing happened to me. If you have not heard anything about it yet how do you know that you have been caught ?
  4. Well it flashed 3 times last thursday ( 12 mph over the limit ) late at night, no traffic on the road other than me and no i havn't heard anything yet, if i cant get in i will be so dissapointed.
  5. You already have a thread running on this. Fcuk off you turd

  6. yes but that was in cars bikes and afvs and i think putting it in the RLC is a better place to post it because im more likley to find more usefull info.
  7. Useful info for a useless cnut. I will get closet-jibber to look into your case should you wish to get some legal advice
  8. Thanks.
    By the way im not actually that bad i have never been in trouble with the police before and it was an accident when i was caught speeding, like i said im getting my bike restricted tomorrow as i didnt know it was illegal to have it derestricted.
  9. Can I just check it was an accident that you were speeding, or an accident that you were caught?

    If the former it was an accident that you were doing a considerable speed over the speed limit, in poor weather conditions and as an inexperienced driver on an illegal bike. Well done, I hope you enjoy coughing up the (hopefully) large fine and the shiney endorsement on your provisional licence!

    Edit for spelling mongness.
  10. Can't understand why the MODS haven't got rid of this thread and the other two all on the same subject to be honest
  11. Dunno what I'm more surprised about, someone who thinks they may have got away with speeding or scoobs slumming it in the RLC forum :D

    If the camera went flashy flashy last week then they have plenty of time to get the nice envelope to you

    Plus, where was you speeding? 12MPH over the limit on a dual carriageway is a little bit different than 12 MPH over the limit in a built up urban area
  12. i was caught driving with out a license and got 6points and a huge fine because i was joing the army and thay still let me in mate. 6points is the max u can have but some trades only let you have 3
  13. Who cares, do the crime serve the time.

    If your bike was derestricted, and you were riding it on a provisional licence then you were A. Riding not in accordance with a licence (3 points + fine) B. Riding a vehicle with no such policy of insurance in place to cover 3rd party risks (6 points + fine) and C. You were 12mph over the set speed limit (3 points + £60 fine).

    Seeing as on a provisional licence you can have 12 points before you are banned, but when you pass your driving test or bike licence you will be subject to the new drivers act. This means should you get ANY further endorsement you will be banned.

    In my opinion Conor123, you should not be on the road. Ignorance is no excuse to the law and you broke it. I would be happy to take your licence off you right now, knowing that I had made the roads a safer place.

    Should you get into the RLC I hope they teach you how to be a responsible person and a little more about rules and regulations.
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I don't know if the RLC will still let you in.

    I'm sure when you take CBT they cover the law and riding of said bikes before passing your test. Sorry, I must have paid attention during mine........
  15. Please let me end this now.


    You can still join! Nuff said?

    Now, there you have it mate. Someone on the internet with not a single connection to army recruiting has told you that you can join the army despite the fact that you are a world class knob jockey. Now run along...
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