Can i still join Infantry if it's not on my job choices?

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Sorry if this is a dumb question but i've been in for my interview with my recruiter and i'm just wanting to check if what i was told was accurate.

I had initially applied for Infantry (Guards), RAC (RDG) & CMT (RAMC). It went through the whole online application and i hadn't really had any opportunity to discuss any job choices. When i had my Interview this week the recruiter was perplexed as to why my roles were all combat orientated. He said to me because of my previous education i have over 80 jobs open to me and what i should be doing is putting three technical roles down for my job choices. Apparently if i don't score high enough at ADSC or if i do score high enough, and i still wanted to go Infantry, i can still do it even if it's not on my job choices.

Is this true? I don't want to pigeon-hole myself into the three roles i've currently picked after discussing it and having a think about it. I've been put down for Electronic Warfare Systems Operator (Sigs), Veterinary Technician (RAVC) & Intelligence Operative (Int Corps).

There's a large part of me that wants to go Infantry irrespective if other roles are open to me but i've taken on board the advice from the recruiter that if after say 5 years i want to develop a trade it may be harder to move out of Infantry to other roles and retrain. The recruiters take on it was that if i joined the Infantry and then after serving at least 5 years and i wanted a trade i'd probably get knocked back continually if newer recruits with relevant qualifications were coming in as i would be at a disadvantage. His opinion was that it would be much more likely to go into a technical role then try transferring to Infantry down the line.

Does anybody know if i can definitely still go Infantry if it's not on my three job roles when i get to ADSC?

Also if anybody serving currently or in the past knows anything about the possibility of being able to transfer to other job roles or has any advice it would be appreciated. I know in my head i should be looking for a job role that provides some form of a trade or technical skill to use back in civvie street but at the same time i know if i were to pick i.e. Electronic Warfare Systems Operator there's always going to be that part of me that wished i had joined the Infantry. I know there's not any right or wrong answer so anybody's advice or personal opinion would help a lot.
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