can i sign off???

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Dom1882, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. embarrassment.
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  2. Bet your admin office would know
  3. Never mind, stag on shit bag !
  4. Its probably because its only classed as proper service after your 18th birthday, ie when they can get there monies worth out of you by deploying you somewhere to do the job the army have invested money in training you to do.

    Stay in and 'enjoy' it. Save your wages, and who knows maybe even go on tour, and when you are able to sign off in a few years, then you will have a few quid behind you and probably a wiser head.

    Plus there's fcuk all jobs going at the minute.
  5. to be honest,at twenty or twenty one you know jack. i would stay in and knuckle down.theres **** all on civvy st,and,you would just regret getting out.
  6. Don't be too hasty to leave. Does being on Job Seeker's Allowance really seem attractive to you?
  7. Leave for FFS, Leave, then you can be as bitter and twisted as me.
  8. Sign off to sign on?
  9. You should have your 271W (copy of contract) tooked away from when you attested which would state that your earliest date you can leave is the day before your 22nd Birthday seeing you were under 18 at the time of enlistment.

    Yes some people to squirm out of it and found not suitable for military service and get out before the initial contract has ended......things to think about first

    Will you get a job
    If you dont get a job are you eligable for job seekers...more than likely not as you left your employment
    Is the grass greener on the other side

    As many have put above why leave a well paid job during a recession