Can i rejoin if i got a crimianal record whilst serving?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by marineboy123456789, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. I served five years in the Marines as an officer, however after returning from a tour of Iraq I ended up putting a civvi in hospital and was sub sequentially charged and sentenced for GBH by the crown court. I received an £8000 fine and nothing else. I was never disciplined by the Navy but after a review by the admiralty they thought it might be best if I got a job elsewhere as it didn’t look too good trying to stop the lads from misbehaving when they had officers getting done for GBH. Anyway that was over four years ago now and as much as I love being a Civvi I was considering joining up again as a regular soldier with the Army this time. Do you think my past will stand against me or do you think the Army would welcome a former Royal Marine Captain who has done two tours of Iraq?
  2. 4 years, thats nearly spent, give it i go, worked for me
  3. So what did this 'Civvy' do to upset you?
  4. I was under the impression that it's a case of "Once an Officer you cannot serve in the ranks" but I could be wrong. But regardless I wish you all the best.
  5. Why do you not wish to return as an officer in the army?
    If you were able enough to serve in the marines as an officer AND you have two tours of Iraq in your belt, what's to stop you once again trying to relist as an officer?
    If it's been four years now and your conviction is spent then I would say give it a go. Head down to your AFCO :D
  6. T E lawrence returned to the ranks twice, RAF, and RTR but he changed his name
  7. A hell of a lot easier back then to take on a new identity by simply turning up giving a false name and away you went. I suspect it could be slightly more difficult today. :wink:
  8. Were you advised to resign your commission, or were you booted out? If it was the latter you might run into trouble.

    When your conviction is spent, you won't have to declare it; you will however have to declare your previous service, and this incident will most likely be on your record.
  9. when i posted a similar question i had a various response in opinions, dont listen to all of them, that is was what the selection process is for, anyway thats no guarantee your back in.

    You must delcare it in your application, as it will be an unspent conviction (five years after a fine i believe... :wink: ) theres been links posted on convictions and how it takes for them to be spent, will have a look for the link

    Best of luck with your application, i think every one deserves a second chance, i've sure learnt my lesson :salut: and will be on my best behaviour from now on. learnt punch ups really aint worth it and aint cheap, even if the other party was a cnut! .....with the credit crunch and that you just count to ten next time, it works for me
  10. You could try the RAOL and go down the FTRS route if you don't have any luck anywhere else - the third one down is a general list for Officers.
  11. Thanks for all replies. I went to my local careers office today and spoke to an Army Warrant Officer and he seemed quite keen to get me on board, he wanted me to fill out the application there and then but I wanted to think about it first. It seems the Army will over look anything over three years. I was administratively discharged from the Royal Marines but kept my Pension rights, Ironically as I was taken off the reserves list it will make it easier for me to join up as the Marines have no hold over me now. Now I just need to decide who to join. I think I have done enough Infantry things in the past with the Marines so will most likely consider the Engineers.

    I never established if I was able to join as an officer though but to be honest having spent time at Sandhurst I’m not sure I’d want to, I never went to boarding school and I drink beer. It’s good to see the Army is prepared to give people a second chance though.

    Oh and to answer to the question above regarding the incident involving the Civvi is as follows. It occurred four days after I returned from my second Iraq tour, I’d like to blame Post Traumatic Stress but it goes against my training to blame anything but myself, having drunk a huge amount of beer with some fellow Marines I walked past a young man sat on a wall, mistaking me for his friends he turned to me with tears in his eyes and said “don’t come near me or I’ll jump”. Having just spent six months trying to stay alive in Iraq and seeing those who didn’t I lost it at the idea that some civvie chav was threatening to kill himself because he had one too many Shandy’s and now his girlfriend give him enough hugs. Unfortunately in that moment I pushed him off the wall and In my drunken state I was unaware that it was a 25ft drop on the other side. The civvi fell and fractured two lower vertebra and spent three months in hospital. It was a moment of stupidity, but life’s too short for regrets and I’m just happy I didn’t get the three years in prison my barrister expected. In fact the judge actually sentenced me to serve 18 months at my base in Faslane Scotland after my barrister suggested that this would be worse than prison, barb wire fences, locked in a grey bunker, bad food etc. Unfortunately the judge can’t enforce that and after six months sat at home on full pay they suggested I quietly leave, I didn’t even have to hand any kit back.
  12. haha. im sorry, but thats brilliant. i salute you