Can I re-enlist after 54 years of age

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Hoseman, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. Can I re-enlist after 54 years of age as my buddy is looking to go to Iraq and wants me to join him to watch his back. Private of course. I can cope with tax, shite gear and near death experience I have just done 20years with the fire service in L**DS. Whats hard about that. Lol

    Seriously dont this lot remember 75 when they had the Chiefs looking to take over, dont these politicians ever learn............silly question. Yet NONE of them have military service.

    It MUST be a prerequisite of becoming a parliamentarian that they serve for at least 18 months in the military. Write to your MP and say so.

  2. If you say so.
  3. Nurse, NURSE! He's out of bed again...... (Merci beaucoup QI)
  4. Er is your mate in the mob or a fully fledged waltmaster. If you want to watch his back in private then that is your decision.
    Oh the glorious fire service who skive off (sorry strike) at the slightest hint they may have to do some real work. What is it. 4 Months per year
    with shifts then if it gets too stressful(?) get the HMF in to cover for you
    lazy barstewards. Show the evidence for a potential miliatary take over
    you canute.
    Ask yourself which former Labour politician(s) in the Lords does have military experience (unlike yourself you walt) and does give advice
    (whether it is listened to is another matter) to the government.
    PS: I would rather write to my MP saying the Fire Brigade should be run under the same lines as the HMF and not some self opiniated Union twat
    with his own agenda.
    PPS: You lot shagged up my leave on the last Fire Brigayde Strike.
  5. Dxxkhead springs to mind.
  6. Is this David Icke!!

    FFS get a fookin life..
  7. London, a small village on mars, just outside the capitol city, wibble.
  8. God you folk have nooooooooooooo sense of humour I didnt come here to be abused lol

    Things dont change do they only on here you get a chance to air your views sensibly and all I see is losers and cannon fodder for TB. I agree 80% of firemen are wan****. But the 20% who work do so at great cost just like yourselves. They only strike when they cant feed themselves and I understand you lot get all found much like I did in the 70's when I was in HMF.

    The guys at my station incidentally are much hated by management cos they do their job and F*** the union and management.

    I see the military want better conditions and pay but you do yourselves a disservice responding to this old far* in the manner you do.

    And I do do God so the Sally armys no good for me lol.
  9. Who cares what you think - who are you? What do you do? What experience do you have to make such claims?

    Cannon Fodder..... not heard that little gem since I was a Junior Leader - no one uses that term, no one! It is a relic from the past - like you.

    Now bore off!
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Is this someone messing about?
  11. Are they dog years or real years?
  12. You guys have nooooooo idea have you? your bosses want approval of the public and yet you abuse me a nobody who is the public. I served probably before you were born in Belfast and lost buddies to paddy in 73/74. Had we the postings you have my mates and I would probably have stayed but wrong place wrong time. I also did a shed load with another unit and loved it to bits but on returning to 2CG was told by the CO they didnt approve of 'That kind of soldiering' so I did my time and left. Hence probably my non pc statements.

    Once a squaddie always a squaddie. Buddie, section, platoon etc but no where did I sign up to HMG............HRH yes. Hence my attitude is Tonys guilty of Treason........a bit strong but there you go. And he should be looked at for sending some mothers son or daughter to iraq and A/stan for no good reason.

    I have a close rele in the marines he was in iraq at 17 for the invasion and I want the best kit and all of that if hes going to lay it on the line.

    So what have I done since 20 years in the fire service and before you call me a toss**. Try a shift at my place. It will mess with your head. A longside that 25 years as a p/t male nurse in Casualty and now I'm counting dogwelks willies at Uni lol for some light relief and diving most days in the summer. I'm a trainee marine biologist. Life doesnt stop after the military but I dont forget my past.

    The point being made is a simple one. My buddy and I are wrinklies but we suffered similar depravations in kit pay and conditions when we were in the mob. We both moved on to better and more interesting things until we were told we didnt fit so to forget it. So we did our time and moved on but we never forget what we did and what we were privy to. AND we havent forgotten who we left behind.

    Theres a shed load of us ex-mob out there looking to get to grips with the poltical masters who have hung you lot out to dry. Dont abuse us you need our backing and we are on your side anyway so you dont need to try too hard.
  13. What are you on about?

    What is it that you want?

    Is there some point to this rambling or can anyone join in?

    All of us will leave the army one day - I am still in, but why do I need your backing - who are you?

    Can I ask you to bore off again or would that be too rude?
  14. interesting that he alludes to doing some soldiering with a 'unit' whose style was found to be a bit unconventional for his parent unit. so given he gives his parent a 2CG, not the RAVC, i'm assuming this mystery 'unit' with unconventional ways wasn't the army catering corps. oooooh, could he be a real one of 'them'? i'm sooooooo excited that I have nooooooo idea i'm nearly wetting myself.

    now feck off and die, walting cnut.
  15. Says you!

    Have the CPS dropped your case then?
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