Can I PVR and if so whats the normal flash to bang time?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by SLRbloke, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Any pay gurus know what the score is on PVR? questions are:

    Can I? - joined in 1989 Junior Leaders, 18th birthday was June 1991.

    How much does it cost approx?

    How quick can u get out?

    Not desperate, just wondering about my options other than signing off and waiting a year.

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. I signed on the dotted line in 92, and as far as i know i still can PVR, and be out in about three weeks. But i would wait for for someone with the right knowledge to come along.
  3. As you already have 16 years man service I'd give serious consideration to doing the other 6 and getting a full pension. I did 15n and came out in 1973 and have regretted it many times since. Give it a good thinking about before you do anything on the spur of the moment .
  4. In 1973 were you on and off tour like a roundabout going to the Middle East every two secs? I feel it is getting easier by the day not to regret it.
  5. If you do intend to pull the pin, sign off and milk the resettlement machine for all you can.
  6. IF someone PVRs can are they entitled to resettlement?
  7. dont quote me - but yes you still get a resettlement package but it is limited if i remember right - 5 yrs left for me and yeah got me by the balls due to pension otherwise i would pvr as well.
  8. Yes, and it is in the resettlement manual.

  9. I signed off, intended to do my resettlement during my last few weeks of service, got a job and was allowed to go early though had to ferfeit my re-settlement. I would say sign off, get your re-settlement in early then if you get a job go for it. If you had to you could sign back on, your re-settlement entitlement will begin again after 5 years I think it is though dont qoute me therefore if you have 6 years to go then you will obviously get that entitlement back before your run out date. If you PVR though, you will be out and if you realise you have made a mistake will have to go through the process of re-enlistment, plus you will be out of pocket by however many beer tokens it costs to get out these days.
  10. PVR'd in 96 after 13 yrs, I was out in 3 months, however, lost my leave, got no resettlement, stayed in Germany, now working for HMF as a civvy. No real or big regrets, however, the chaps who I work with, who did the full 22, live a better (more comfortable) life here in Germany than I do. I couldn't live in the UK on the wage that I earn as comfortable as I do here. But our local saying here is..."sometimes I miss the popstars wages!" Don't all scream back at that I mean the tax free car every year has gone, the cheaper petrol is out the window but I am warm in an office with a good roof over my head. If you've only got 6 to do, I'd seriously have something good to go to before I'd jump (in your shoes). Either way, whatever you choose, stick by your decision and look forward, never think back as to how it's not always the same if you go back. Oh and of course all the best for whatever you choose to do.

    R_G :)