can i play ice hockey in the army?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by jamie1996, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys I start training in a couple of weeks at Harrogate and was just wondering if i will get the opportunity to play ice hockey with the army (i play already and dont really want to quit) once i finish the 42 weeks i am joinig the Royal Regiment of Scotland so even if i could play once i reach my battalion? thanks anay help apreciated.
  2. Thanks very much i know there is a large range of sports at Harrogate but not sure if it was one of them, dont think there is anay rinks near by.
  3. I think you'll find that the standard is low, about on par with ENL league 2 level.
  4. It's not a genuine enquiry .
    It's prefaced with " Hi guys " which means it's a Daily Mail journalist fishing for a story .
    " Drunken violent squaddies in ice hockey rampage shocker " sort of thing .
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  5. I played hockey in the Army once. Imagine giving a bunch of squaddies a large stick each and then telling them you can't raise it above waist height to hit the ball! I still to this day can't believe I got out of it alive!!!
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  6. And of course we played on Tarmac, not nice soft AstroTurf...

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  7. Auld-Yin

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    I too had to play hockey - usual volunteering type of thing!!!!! For some reason the grown ups thought it a good idea to give Jocks sticks and a hard ball and then thinking that said Jocks would use the sticks to hit the ball rather than their opponent! Silly grown ups - all jocks know sticks is for hitting and balls is for kicking. Was a very interesting game - poor ref :pissedoff:
  8. [h=2]can i play ice hockey in the army?[/h]
    Depends, might not be cold enough!
  9. Ice Hockey alive and well in the Army, best bet is prob to join your local civ rec team for ease of travel. Always looking for new players either at bambi or NHL standard (NHL preferred) Kit and trg provided although recreational Ice Hockey generally at fairly anti social times in UK.
  10. I would suggest if the OP is NHL standard he plays in the NHL - they earn upwards up 10 15 million a year. Dollars that is.
  11. Normal field hockey is super shit to play and uber gay. Definately the shittest sport I have ever tried. Indoor hockey just takes it to even more unbelievable levels of shitness with a gay rule that prvents the ball from going even a millimetre off the floor.

    Now ice hockey - that is a man's sport!

    No they definitely don't play ice hockey at Harrogate, yes they play it in the Army.
  12. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    If your joining SCOTS, then give up your gay sports, especially if it involves wearing PPE, only sports allowed are Football (but we're shite at that), Boxing (but we have to win all the bouts in the first half because we dinnea have any big lads fur the second half) and Shinty (but naebody else will play wi us because we use the sticks as weapons, even the oirish willnae play).

  13. No mention of the Rugby or cricket fanatics tsk tsk