Can i pick your brains?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Black180TT, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. This is likely to be the only time i post on here as im only tryin to educate myself.

    Im not a soldier although i would have loved to have been and tried signin up last year but my health stopped me from doing so and plus i dont think my OH who is in the Marines would like it too much.

    Anyway what id like to know is what its like out in afghan? i agree with what some of you have said about civvies not understanding and i probably never will get my head around it but im tryin to understand what its like out there and what faces my OH when he goes out there in september.

    it sounds daft but the more i know the less i worry, i think its the being kept in the dark that makes me worry more and its not like the media show much. i would ask my OH these questions but this is his first tour of afghan so he cant really answer them, hes done 3 tours of Iraq and was there for Telic 1 and has talked about that a lil bit but i was wondering are the hostilities of afghan the same as that?

    Thanks in advance for your help. :D
  2. And pray tell what fine publication you work for?
  3. i dont im a Civvie i work for a recruitment agency for accountants and im a PA.

    i have no interest in the media as theyre very ignorant and tbh do you really think id go to the press whilst going out with a marine?

    I think not.

    im just a GF who gives a shit
  4. Why don't you ask him rather than rely on the testimonys of people on the internet.
  5. you clearly cant read, i did state that i would ask him about afghan only he hasnt been there and although hes talked about Iraq i wanted to know if the hostilities were the same as Telic 1.

    well like i said thanks in advance for the info or lack of in this case.
  6. I doubt you'll get any information...
  7. thats fine, no harm in askin a question and im sure ill get the answer one way or another, evidently not from a bunch of squaddies.

    Makes me glad im not with one tbh
  8. Black, have you tried "rear party"? it is run by the same people as arrse, but it is more for friends and family.
  9. You lot are a bunch of cnuts (except Skivarver). A new poster comes on here asking a serious question and all you gits can do is slag her off.

    Black180TT there are more than a few threads on here that cover almost every subject on Afghanistan non of which will give away any opsec rules but might give you a better understanding. Rum Ration has a RM section too.

    Good luck to you and your boyfriend.
  10. Anyone else smell Haddock?
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Not open for further replies.