Can i leave early.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hoof, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Iv been in my regiment for 4 months now, and iv discovered that the army life just is not for me. Im 32 and have 2 kids and a mortgage, im not seeing my kids very much, plus the pay , im finding it hard financially. All these things together is making me very unmotivated, and i just want to be a civvie again. Is there any way i can do this, or am i stuck for the next 4 years. Any replys with info will be appreciated.
  2. Surely this thought cropped up at some point in the joining-up process?
  3. Have you visited the Padre and/or the Welfare Officer?

    Have you discussed the issue with your Troopie?

  4. You can leave right now if you wish. If anyone has any problems with this then tell them that I said you could :)
  5. Stop crying and get on with the soldiering. You have only been there for four months.
  6. Whilst I am sympathetic to your situation I have but to wonder why you've gone through the whole process just to jack now?

    Get a pad and move the Wife and kids in. Sell/rent the house. Simple.
  7. Agreed, go AWOL and grow a beard and live no-where near yer family cus youll be in hiding... :roll:
  8. It is a serious thing for me. so thanks for the helpul replys, but sarcastic ones are just not funny
  9. If you get married can't you get married accomodation which is subsidesed?
  10. Then why did you ask the question on here? Sarcastic replies and ARRSE go together! Trust me, I was also very close to sarcasm!

    Edited to add: You are not a newbie, so if I were to search your posts, I assume that they would all be sarcasm-free?

    Have you discusssed this with anyone outside of Arrse?

  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    They make me giggle!
  12. 32..... Man up.
  13. Why dont u get a married quarter as someone above suggested, sell the house, yer wife must know wot u got yerself into, will she not follow you when posted etc ? If you really want out, PVR, but i cant remem how long you have to do b4 you can do that and it takes a year, or buy yerself out, again, cant remem how long you have to do b4 u can do that either. Get yerself over to the families officer, quick sharp.
  14. Just refuse to soldier. make sure youre wearing your civvies when you do it tho. They will throw you out eventually.
  15. You cannot now buy yourself out. The only reason I am still in is that I could never save enough money to buy myself out.... :D

    The initial contract is for 4 years.