Can I keep my MQ?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Taliban_Terminator, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. I`m not too sure whether this is the right place to post this or not as I am still fairly new to the site but was wondering if you could help.

    I`m currently going through a divorce from my wife.
    We have a 2 year old daughter. I still have a married quarter atm and was wondering if i am entitled to keep it as I will be fighting for joint custody and will obviously need somewhere for her to stay when she visits me on weekends etc.

    Also does the army offer any sort of legal help i could ask for concerning my divorce?

    Thanks in advance and apologies if i have posted this in the wrong section.
  2. I don't know the answer but JSP 464 - The Tri-Service Accommodation Regulations (TSARs) will clarify you new marital status and therefore entitlement and eligibility.

    You should also speak to your Unit Welfare Office. They may be able to help in more ways than you think.
  3. yep, welfare officer and chief clerk, you will be surprised what they know. dont go shouting it around your mates though.

    discretion is the best form of.............dont know!!
  4. M8 you are fully entitled to keep your SFA/MSQ as under law there is no such thing any more as sole custody of a child or children. At present your marraige state is 1. which means you are happily married and live with her/him. when you split and the paper work is started you must register through your RAO or RAWO as having joint custody this will classify you as number 2.
    As a number 2 you are fully entitled to retain your SFA/MSQ so that your children can visit. as you have joint control over the children.
    I was a single parent for 2 years and know most of the Regs and what you will not get through the system!
    If you want more just PM and i will do my best to point you in the right direction if not to the man that does
  5. You could ask for a suplus MSQ if there are any availiable, however, your P Stat Cat will now be 5 (unless you have full time care and control of your child in which case you would be P Stat Cat 2, this P Stat Cat entitles you to an MSQ), thus making you ineligiable for an MSQ. Alternatavly your estate office may have family MSQ's, fully furnished, provided for such visits at a minimal charge to you for rent