Can i join the TA even though i have passed all my selections for the regulars

Im 21 in september and i applied for the British army 2 years ago this month, i have passed all my selections and passed my interviews with flying colours, also won the best student for the army insight course.

Basically, because i only got a 'B' grade with selection back in March i have been told it could be anything up to a year before i could be in basic training, should i just bite the bullet and accept that 3 years is too long to wait for something and cross over to join the TA instead? Would they frown on this? I was already in the army when i was 16 aswell which i suppose is what half the trouble is over it being this long since i have been accepted and pass everything, what should i do? I just want to join the armed forces. Would i have to do selection again aswell and how long would i have to wait to join the TA if i do decide to cross over?

Any replies are welcome thank you.

3 years is a long wait I agree. A B grade shouldn't really make you wait that long before you start training. My advice would be to stick to the Regular entry route. You may kick yourself years down the line for missing this chance. Meanwhile however, joining the TA could be good for you, get you back into uniform etc. However, some units may feel a little narked if you start training with them and disappear in a year or sooner. Be upfront with you local TA unit and you never know, they might just take you. Additionally if it has been less than 3 years since you left the Regs, you may not have to do TA phase 1.

If you are binning the whole regular route, your new TA unit wouldn't frown on this as they will understand that in this economic climate, the Army has a lot more applicants for fewer places. The AFCO would also understand that if they can't offer you employment within a reasonable timeframe, then you are quite rightly entitled to look for something else. (I'd tell any employer who would make me wait 3 years for a job to stick it)!
OK Danny not slating you as dont know you but quite a few things to take in to consideration.

Firstly as a Re-enlister, some one who passed everything with flying colours and top students on Insight course as you believe you are why did you only get a B grade.........if you are as good as you think you are then you should of got a high A grade then wouldnt be waiting could blame the system etc but Frankly I would expect some one whos already passed ADSC once and been in training to get a A grade.

Secondly before starting going through the TA application process consider the fact that it isnt straight forward to then transfer into the Regulars and you need COs permission plus would more than likely have to do ADSC again but that depends if you get Special Enlisment they might say you have had two chances with previous service...then passed ADSC but withdrew so nothings definate.

Not knowing your application or reasons you left first time round but reading what you have put you either DAOR'd last time or was med be thankful you have been given a second chance and if that was the case then I can understand why it took so long to reapply as you werent ready last time you went through training and thats why it took so long to be ready this time (maybe it was med discharged which would make the process longer with all the proof you were now ready.

So class it as March you have been waiting from (when you passed ADSC) depending what job you want and the position on awaiting allocations list will depend on how long you are waiting to get loaded...if a RE or REME job expect a long wait even those with good A grades are waiting and say its worth waiting 12 months plus to get the job they want....but will be worth the wait if you really want it...but just remember you have already had that chance once before so is waiting 4 months and maybe up to 12 months before you hear anything that bad.

To be blunt....Im amased that someone whos been there, seen it, done it and believes hes the dogs danglies didnt perform that well and get a high A live with what you got in your B now be thankful you have a second chance and wait your turn behind everyone else....if you dont want to try the TA but who says they will want you either. Only you can make that decision.
To answer your question: Yes.

Choose the unit you wish to join and go and speak to them.

I was going for Regular entry, however, at the age of 28 I was older than most and as I had no previous military background i was informed to go and join a TA unit and show some dedication to proving that the forces is what I wanted to join. I duly joined my local unit got the Top Endeavour (pig shit but tries hard) award. Within the year (11 mths) I went through selection again and found myself a Regular soldier within three wks of passing that selection. Don't get me wrong the not all in the TA were happy, some PSI who will remain nameless actually vitoed my attendance on a cse so I would not qualify for my bounty that year. Ah well, he did accidentally shoot someone on a .22 range so he has a few chips on his shoulder. So that's my experience, personally the military is personality driven. Who knows had someone else been taking my selection originally I may never have needed to join the TA. You need to work out what you want, no one else will look after you. Then make the army work around you - ignore the comments above and at the end of the day seems TA is the way to go.....

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