can i join the army with a tattoo on the side of my neck

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by westhammer9, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. i want to join the army but ive got a tattoo on the side of my neck. will this affect me getting in
  2. if its above your t shirt neckline then the answer is YES sorry mate
  3. Just for clarity.

    NOT "can i join the army with a tattoo on the side of my neck?" - "Yes"
  4. Bit of concealer you'll be fine, ask legs for advice
  5. Tattoo's on the hand or above the T shirt neckline are a bar to enlistment
  6. Yet half my BN have al sorts of shit tattooed all over their necks and hands...
  7. Thats a retention thing though once your in no ones gonna throw a well trained soldier out for a tattoo
  8. Which makes me wonder why we're throwing away perfectly good recruits when we're so desperate to get blokes through the door.
  9. Because the rules are get a illegal tattoo get thrown out just no one does.
  10. Its called 'Standards'.

    Or do you advocate just letting every tom dick and harry through the door because we are short?
  11. Yet we retain blokes who have applied tattoos above the neck line and on their hands AFETR depot. I don't advocate tattoos, I think 90% of them look fucking stupid, but ATM we're "discriminating" *shudders* against people with them before enlistment.
  12. Discriminating? Have a word with yourself.

    How sensible do you think an 18 year old is with a tat above his neck? I'd suggest not very and its an obvious indication of low IQ.

    If we allowed it, at what point do you draw the line? Swastika on forehead? Surely he would feel 'discriminated' if he were not alllowed to join but his mate with a 'clowns tear' on his cheek was.

    Is it true you are not allowed to join with tats on your hands? I had 'ACAB' on my knuckles but was obvioulsy still able to join.
  13. Note the quote and *shudder*, I hate all that PC shite but thats the world we live in I'm afraid.
    Then his/her BARB results will be enough to bin him/her at a nice early stage.
    I'd suggest that racial or offensive tats would be an immediate no-no but baring someone for having a star or some other bollocks on his neck is not on IMO.

    I'm under the impression that any visible tats are a no-no but standby to be corrected. BTW what's ACAB stand for?
  14. ACAB = 'Always Carry a Bible'. :roll:

    I agree re the racial bit but I was using it as an extreme example. Lets say the tattoo on the forehead is a flower or some other non offensive tattoo. Would you suggest the chap should still be able to join with such a visible tattoo?

    Where do you draw the line? The line currently is not above the neck. I think for quite good reason.
  15. I joined with lower-arm tats at the age of 17 (i.e under the age when getting a tattoo becomes legal) and was in training with a bloke with a swastika on his back and another with a swallow on his hand. Just go to the recruiting office, chance it and don't mention it unless they do.