can i join the army(infantry)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by oloveridge, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. i weight 13 stone and i am 5.6 some people say i am overweight but others say its ok aslong as i am fit and can meet the fitness requirements.
  2. Sorry, computer says 'No!'
  3. I THINK it's about your BMI (Body Mass Index) I don't know if this is correct, (as I'm not in the Army yet), But I'm almost 100% sure thats what it is all down to..
  4. Go to a doctors and get your body fat percentage checked out,This is different to BMI which I think your in the normal range of.If you have any doubts,Just search 'BMI Graph' on google.
  5. Welcome to the site, Oloveridge.

    At 13 st and 5'6" (I assume) I guess you are a tad on the large size. But, providing you don't go mental and injure yourself, you can start running now and reduce that pretty quickly. If you search for fitness, running and BPFA on this site, you will find lots of good advice. Remember that diet is important as well.

    If you want to join the Infantry, get yourself down to the Careers Office, and talk to the recruiters. They will advise you on the required entry standard. Good Luck!

  6. If you are fit enough for the entry tests then you will soon turn into 'Army' shape during training-good luck :strong:
  7. My computer says that was a shite thing to say to someone asking a decent question :?
  8. I disagree with BMI to define fitness as it has no regard for muscle.

    I don't have experience but I'm guessing a lot will depend on what this weight is made of. oloveridge hasn't said whether this is muscle or fat.

    If it's fat, then my best advice is sign up as normal but do 1 hour of cardio a day. That's 30 mins a day of active fat burning. Make sure that you don't have more protein than you need and keep the carbs primarily to
    a) supplement the training
    b) Wake you up at breakfast
    c) Replenish any depleted stores before bed

    Any more carbs are unneccisary. An uptake in Vitamin B will enhance cell metabolism and help you out too.

    Sorry if you already know all this, but I might not be checking back on this thread and would like to help how I can :)
  9. Airfix knows what he's talking about. He was in the marine cadets.

  10. hehe 5'6" if it doesnt work out with the army im sure willy-wonka is still recruiting for umpah-lumpahs..

    on a serious note with the height and weight you gave; your BMI is 29.4. 30 is considered obese by NHS standards. However BMI does not allow for muscle-mass so if your a beefcake you might be ok!
  11. As well as a regular soldier too, please keep up to$$er...

    I'm STILL waiting for the o2 tag you promissed me shoitelips... ops, my bad, we're not supposed to reply to w@nk stains like you
  12. Ahh yes, I seem to recall you admitted to a couple of years service after walting about being a marine....cadet! You really are a wretch. WALT!
  13. mostly fat
  14. Even if you can pass your tests you will find the Army is fattist and it will be assumed that you are unfit.

    Best to try and strip down and get into that habit.

    You don't say how old you are so hopefully you may have a little growing to do and that will help.

    Just cut the crap out of you diet (fizzy drinks, crisps etc) and take the dog for long walks. No need to thrash yourself yet.