can I join reme? honurably

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. I've just ued a garden fork to lever the bonnet of my car up so I could pop the catch :x
    its very old and the cable and bit you push to release the bonnet were both broken :cry:
    I think the precison use of a garden fork in car maintence is worth and honurable reme badge :D
  2. I take it you own a land rover.......
  3. Sorry that's a fail.REME would have used a crow bar.
  4. actually its the mrs ford galaxy :oops:
  5. REME would have got a crewman to do it.
  6. Bonnet catch? (sucks air between teeth) weeell strictlyl speakin' it's not dpwn to us. Now me, I'd do it for you, but it's the guvnor see? If he catches me doing an operators task, well, it's more'n me jobs worth, innit?
    Tell ya wot, pop it round the back with a crate and you can pick it up in a week.
  7. Exactly why would we bother leaving our Barrow/Fitter Wagon when its full of beer and porn and special coffee to go and do an A job.....or what ever the fcuk JAMES calls it now.

    By the way why damage a crowbar when you have a spotty lanky driver stood around idle.
  8. What size hammer did you hit the garden fork with?
  9. I think your missus deserves the honorary REME badge as she let some other dumb fcuk do her dirty work for her. :)
  10. I understand that REME is soon to be absorbed into the RLC so why not go the the full hog and just join the RLC? If you were dapper and lucky enough you may be able to be an Ammo Tech and then you could use the power of explosives to shift anything (well almost anything) btw I am ex REME as well as an ex AT
  11. Legs drives a Ford Galaxy. Is there something you want to share with the Mess you shim shagging REME wannabe?
  12. TBH, if you can keep the crayon inside the lines then you're fast tracked. Also as a special skill, you have to know how many crates of beer a quick recovery tow of a fellow squaddy's car is really really worth.

    3 the last time I had to cough up!
  13. It's always gripped me how the REME see fit to crate people when they've only done their job. Next time I'm on a patrol and shoot someone I will crate all the REME boys on said patrol when we get back to the FOB because I did my job saving their lives...
  14. Can I join too?

    I managed to fit some new speakers in my car yesterday without electrocuting myself or setting fire to it. :D

    Edited to add: I'm not some chav boy racer with a huge sound system. Just replaced door speakers that were beyond their sell by date!

  15. NO,
    Because that makes you a spotty tech spanker wannbe