Can I join become an officer if i'm on medication?

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Today I took my best friend to Harrogate for his send off. I never wanted to join the army up until today, i'm currently 17 and studying my second year at A level, i became so fascinated and obsessed with the army all within a day, I've always been interested in the armed forces, but never as much as today. The only thing that is currently stopping me is that i'm on medication and have been on medication (sertraline) for the past 3 months for health anxiety, however i am currently fine and essentially cured of all my issues, i'm just nervous about stopping my medication, i was wondering whether or not i could still join the army whilst on medication or would i have to stop and wait for a year; or is there no chance at all of me ever joining? Thank you.
If you're on anti-depressants then no.
I believe you have to be clear of that medication for at least a year before they'll consider you and then it will depend what is on your medical records.
Whilst still on the meds then no.



OP - use the sticky, clearly marked up “all medical enquiries in here”. All of the clues are there.

For the others, take that as your free swing. ROPs all round the next time.
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