Can i join as an officer with no GCSEs & degree from US uni?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by D4VE, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. I was born in England and grew up there, but left to live in the US at 13, right before i would have taken my GCSEs. I went to a US university, did well and got a degree, and am now 25. I talked to a navy recruiter to see if it was possible to join up, since i have lived in the US so long (i now have US and British citizenship), and apparently it is fine since the US is and acceptable country or something like that.

    My question is whether or not it would be possible for me to join as an officer without my GCSEs. I took the SATs in the states (did fiarly well) which would be the closest equivalent they have, but not quite the same.

  2. Have you asked a careers office?
  3. Speak to the recruiters. There is a team that deal with this sort of thing, we had a lass who had French Quals, Bacc plus 4 IIRC, same as a degree so they siad. There is an online recruiting forum, where you can send them questions like this and they will provide the answers in greater detail than the AFCO. I don't have the link to hand, sorry.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Do you EVER say anything else? If you can't offer anything useful, don't bother posting. :roll:
  5. Have you done any AP's? They might substitute as A-Levels.
  6. he is right tho! ask them they know more than we do! its there job! plus you can ask them more questions if u have them!
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    No, really? Do you think? Bugger off back to your playpen and let the grown ups play.
  8. Online chat with careers advisors:

    Perhaps this link needs stickying if it isn't already?

    (Ideal if you don't want your question answered by a 14 yr old cadet or Mike Golden :wink: )

    Edited for not being able to read.
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Moved by me as he might get a slightly more sensible answer than those offered by Kevin and Perry FFS.
  10. The irony of this post is that every response other than those by Forastero contain useful advice that anybody in D4VE's position would be wise to follow.

    Which grown ups? You? Read your posts again and then reassess who falls into the grown up category and who does not.
  11. IMO Get your quals assessed by NARIC. The careers office might of course know the answer to your query but there are some bone idle people in the careers office who will likely tell you "It says here GCSE so you must have have GCSE. See. Here. Computer says you must have GCSE".

    If this is about your career, you owe it to yourself to maximise your chances.
  12. Point taken.

    I merely wanted to establish if he has contacted a ACIO, and if indeed he has, what did they say?

    He may have been informed that he is not eligible, and is finding another way 'in', no doubt quoting a post from an arrser to battle with.

    Best to have ALL the information before making an informed decision
  13. I liked that, pretty accurate for some I ran into, NCO and Commissioned.
  14. I think they use a system where grades equal points so you might be able to swing it that way? As far as i can remember off hand you need x number of ALIS points and x number of UCAS points regardless of whether or not you have a degree. Also, no offense intended, but at 25 you might want to get a move on, from all the ACA interviews, fam visits and trips to Westbury I've had they seemed to think I was slightly too old and I'm 22! I think the cut off point for sandhurst is 27.5 anyway.