can i have recce

can i have all the types of recce patrols and what they involes plz


not the bare basics like they gather information but in more detail thx :D
Well if its the Bear basics that you are looking for i would look no further the Yogis homepage were he goes into detail about CTRS in and around jellystone park on the park ranger and picnic baskets..
im in the acf and its not on the silabus so we don't lean it thats why i want to know

and im doing a recce section and they need to know every thin about it

smell it, breath it, live it :D
well if your not taught it then how are you meant to do it.
And "doing a recce section" means nothing (other than if you look at it as a sexual connotation)
Watch, Learn, Do.

Unless you've been trained you can't really train others though can you?

Aren't there any decent AIs you could ask?