Can I have a truck today?? it is my turn...

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by littlejonny, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. Hello all

    Just a short post to rant on about the servicability of vehicles within our Regt, we are in whats commonly known as a fu*kin sh*t state. It would help if the URS kept some kind of record wouldnt you think? they dont..........a trimmed carrot could keep more accurate records of servicability and the whereabouts of vehicles. This is purely an DAF VOR for over a year awaiting spares??? what the Fu*k is going on here? L/Rovers are falling to pieces around our ears? this is doing my swede with OP Heric unless your departing tomorrow our priority is down there with HAS heating. Things are not looking good.

    3 Regt is currently looking on EBay for green Fleet in order to participate in the Regimental exercise. It's a joke

    Whinge Ends.

    LJ :evil:
  2. Cannibalise dear boy. Relieve the other squadrons of whatever you can. Its a time honoured tradition!
  3. Vehicle husbandry is your responsibility old boy - 3 AAC you say, hmmm. Record of seviceability is the domain of the MT and the appropriate documention when, and I say when, it has consulted the URS for condition. They are your vehicles not the REMEs. If there are no spares forthcoming it is the responsibilty of your QM(T) to sort it. The only thing the URS need to keep track of is whether the said vehicle has gone second line (Civ or Mil). If the REME is not performing in terms of repair, I'm sure the QM(T) would be all over them like a rash OR booting the Tiffy up the arrse or indeed the visiting TECHEVAL team would. However, and this is how I see the likely situation - you don't first parade, you don't last parade, you don't fault report, you don't service on time and most of all you don't give a FCUK about your vehicles until you need them!! Its Tommy and Tommy that - and if you don't get it, look up kipling! theres a saying in the Armoured world;

    Slack track = Slack crew!

    Shit state vehicle = **** ***** ****

    You fill in the blanks.

    Nuff said :evil:
  4. (Swing the light), when I was in 657 MT based in Devrall Bks, Ripon, we used to rob the engineers blind across the road at Claro when the PRE came up. Can't you proff from 4 Regt?
  5. Wedge, to use another well known Army phrase:
    "Stores is for storing. If they were for issuing, they'd be called issues"
  6. Fablonbiffchit is right, help yourself to other squadron kit.I remember when 664 sqn came to 9 regt i think we had one or to servicable vehicles.Altough that did not last long due to early morning donations from 657,672 and HQ squadrons.Oh happy days!.
  7. Vehicle Husbandry is the users responsiblity correct and I agree more can be done by the users to help with servicabilty however the amount of vehicles sent to the URS for repair and coming back only to go US for the fault that was supposed to be rectified is ridiculous. Changing a cam belt is not a users responsiblity nor is ensuring that it is fitted properly the only way that is found out is when the engine goes bang!!! It is sent back for repair again, mistakes happen fair one, only to get the vehicle back and it go again due to incorrect fitting! There are many other examples that have all been highlighted through the correct chain. As for spares they arrived for a vehicle and get fitted to another one because they couldn't find the correct vehicle, which was parked in the URS!!! I understand people are busy and that the guys could be more thorough on first parades which I myself try to enforce and am well behind people disciplining those who don't carry out correct procedures. But for a land rover to come back "servicable" and the troops phoning up the URS and saying it sounds rough, it sounds like a 432. The URS inspect it and claim its servicable again for it to blow up on return to its unit. Consequentially that vehicle has not been seen for months as it is in 2nd line along with half the landrover FFR fleet in the regt. Plus the chief fitter as i daren't use the word mechanic needs to have a rethink on his attitude as there is no love lost between him and all sub units within the regt at the moment, bearing in mind we are all on the same side!!!!
  8. B3 - I am not defending your Unit "Chief Fitter" if he's a Tiffy says he's a Tiffy. As I said previously, if the REME are not performing then its up to your 2IC/QM(T) to rectify the situation. If they are turning out sh1t work there is a customer complaint procedure normally found in your UECD/LEUMS follow it and then you at least have done your part. If its been reported up many times, why hasn't it been sorted? When your 2IC/QM(T) have their weekly Equipment Conference, issues and reasons for non-availability are disscused, with action taken to rectify it. If "half your Rovers are in 2nd line" that means they need 2nd line work? It sounds to me like there is more than just an availabilty issue going on here. So get get your heads together and see what you come up with (a Log cabin, a shed, a good well maintained fleet).
  9. All VM'S are cnuts basically!

  10. now therein lies the problem, Wedge_not_sapper clearly hasnt served with Aviation, because if he had, he would know that no-one really gives a f*ck if it doesnt have rotors,
  11. Don't know about tiffy but I know he is a C$*T!!!!! :twisted: