Can I have a run down of what artillery logistics do?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by clarky742, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. Just what exactly do they do I mean it's common sense that they transport equipment but what other roles do they do eg patrols etc thanks
  2. they sit in a store shirking any kind of work and sometimes first parade trucks.Have been known to drive them in such exotic places as Salisbury plain and Otterburn.Mostly speak in west inidian accents.

    A slighty tounge in cheek Sterotypical view of MT I know and im sure they do good work really keeping each Btys fleet running and the gun posistions supplied with ammo.Just out of curiosity what makes you want to go down the Arty Log route?

    If you want to be in the Artillery and do patrols you will have to be an FST/Observation post assistant.
  3. Was just curiosity tbh coz I like the sound of ressuplys etc due to the wide jobs out in civvy after a career into it I also been looking at gmlrs
  4. If your just after a C licence lots of jobs in the Royal Regiment have to have C licence in fact most of them in a Gun Regiment.Even lads on the OPs/FSTs have C licence as they need to drive wagons like pinz and Husky,Jackel ect.But if you just want to drive then Arty Log it is.