Can i go with my partner to phase 2?

My partner is going to phase 2, i wondered if anyone knew if i am allowed to go with him? we are not married yet. My friend said when he joined the army they asked if he had a girlfriend and would they like accomodation in phase 2... but others have said you must be married. If anyone could help me with this i would be very grateful, thanks very much.


Is it Groundhog Day? Didn't you ask the same question less than 24 hours ago?


Fairy nuff. I doubt you'll be lucky in this forum, though.

So sorry, stabradop. You didn't miss by much.
The answer is a definite NO as said before if you want to live in forces married accommodation you have to be married or be in a civil partnership for same sex couples. It is very unlikely that your partner will be allowed to live out during Phase 2, as sharing accommodation is all part of the training for recruits.


You might try logging on to Rear Party, which has a large number of partners on it. Someone there may be able to help. Failing that, try the Families Officer at the unit your partner is attending. Your nearest Careers Office may have the number.
I admit it's been many years since I was in Phase 2 but I don't remember even the married guys being allowed to live out and definately no married quarters.
To be honest sa20, your partner will be going through quite a gruelling time and may not have a huge amount of time during the weekdays to be home with you, but he should be able to see you most weekends when not doing training or duties
If you write a nice letter to the Commanding Officer of your 'partner's' future training establishment then you may be allocated a special license to occupy that would provide you with a cozy little love nest during the whole of Phase 2 training. These facilities are very much sought after and there are only a certain number at each location so it will depend upon where the Phase 2 training will be conducted. Any relevant circumstances will be taken into consideration and the following would certainly count in your favour:

If you are pregnant (if not, there's still time before training starts).
If you are disabled (see above).
If you are willing to sleep with the other trainees to improve morale.

Finally, you didn't specify your gender but if you happen to be a same sex partner then you will automatically be given free accommodation. That is enshrined in law within the new GBL Act that has just been introduced by Peter Mandelson.

I hope this helps?
thanks for that, i am female. We are planning on getting married just wasnt sure about how accommodation stands before that as some people said that we might be able to go to phase 2 together, but i thought that you had to be married. i will try and contact someone and see where we go from there.


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