Can I get Para Wings?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by yimmin, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. I've been in the T.A. for 3 years now in the royal artillery and am curious about how I would go about getting on a Para course and does this qualify you for a set of wings within your existing unit?

    I'm not a badge hunter I just think it would be something great for me to aim towards and a massive achievement.

    Anyone with any advice?

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  2. Ever thought about asking your Trg Major or PSI?
    Call me old fashioned.
  3. Volunteer for the All Arms (TA) Para Course.

    And for anyone who remembers the "Get Knotted" (WW2)
  4. I have asked and they've advised me that I wouldn't be able to get on a course.

    I'm just wondering what courses I would need to take, how long they last and what's entailed in them. I can then go to my TM & PSI and give them a reason to send me on the course.
  5. Is the TA AAPC not just for people wanting to serve with the Paras?
  6. Join the Para TA then!
  7. Try transferring from 103 to 100 - voila! Problem solved.
  8. I'd like to but I couldn't commit as much as I'd like to, I struggle to keep up with my work commitments and the artillery at the minute.

    I'm just looking for a challenge and something to aim to while improving my fitness.
  9. Life's like that "All swings and round-abouts"!
  10. I would transfer but the commute would be a nightmare from Liverpool.

    Looks like I'll just have to stay on the roundabout until I win the lottery and don't need to work.
  11. Or enlist into the regulars?

    Then the Mod pay for the commute .. .. .. :wink:
  12. Isn't 4 Para based at St Helens? Thats not far from Liverpool at all!

  13. 4 para is in st helens
  14. With this poor display of intelligence and problem solving I am surprised that you got into the TA in the first place. Still 2 arms and 2 legs.

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