Can I extend my mobilisation?

Can I extend my mobilisation or is my demobilisation date set in stone?

I wouldn't mind sticking with the unit I'm with at the moment but I am unsure whether it is possible.

I'd like to scoot back to UK with them and stay another year or two. Would I have to join full time or would it be FTRS?

Cheers in advance peoples.
Hi, if you wish to stay with the unit, and they are happy to have you when they they return to UK.. then FTRS may be the only option. Of course, depending on your age you could always join the Army proper...
If you wish to extend in Theatre (Afghan or Iraq) and stay on with another unit then contact the TA/Reservists Officer that deals with thay sort of thing. Used to be one at the MNDHQ (Airport Basra) when I was there and they should have one, if not at Bastion then at Kandahar. Your unit RAO should also be able to assist.
Good Luck!
No problem. One more thing, if you go FTRS you will, (and hopefully I am wrong!) have to do a FTRS course at the RTMC (Chilwell). However having said that perhaps if you were to start off the FTRS whilst you are still on mobilised service (that includes the paid leave at the end of your tour) you might not have to be f.....d around at RTMC as you would have just done an operational tour. So again this is all stuff that you will need to discuss with your boss out there. I have been through the RTMC system 6 times and I hate the place!!

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