Can i enlist in the TA while i hold an ACF commission

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by mayes2528, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. ok before i get into this i want to make it clear i DONT want to become a TA officer so please no abusive comments about ACF officers not being proper officers and not transfering a commission over blah blah blah :)

    i was a Cpl in the Royal Engineers until 2006 when i left after getting a very steady job on Civvy street, however i have since missed the green and joined the Army cadets as i was once a cadet myself years ago, i started as an adult instructor but ended up fed up of the officers above me not really understanding how to funtion to the best of thier abilities or to the expectations of the role so i decided to go for a commission which i got last year and now hold a type B TA commission as a 2/Lt

    my question is am i still able to enlist in the TA as a private if i hold this commission or am i going to have to resign from the ACF, Furthermore if i do resign my Commission can i remain in the ACF and revert back to being a SGT?

    Thank you for any comments in advance

    Warm Regards

    Billy (Spr forever)
  2. I havn't got a clue mate sorry, but interesting thread though........
  3. Hi Mayes2528,

    Good question, we have an OR LCPL in my unit that still serves as an instructor in the ATC and I think is a WO with them, but not sure about a holding commission.

    I dont see it as a conflict of interest as you would never be "called up" from the ACF role. The only problem I can see is if you come across your TA colleages (eg NCOs) when you happen to be using the same regular camp wearing your ACF rank. You could be accomm in the officers mess in ACF guise while your TA unit officers are there too. Someone who commands you in the TA would then be expected to be "deferential" (or at least not overtly offensive!) to you as a commissioned officer albeit group B.

    As to whether you can rejoin TA as a Cpl depends on how long you have been out, more than 5 years and you are likely to be starting at square 1. Also to keep rank it helps if you join the same capbadge, but there can be exceptions to this.
  4. final advice, you will get the best info from going to the TA unit you are thinking of joining and chatting with the recruiting staff, PSAO or ROSO.
  5. I'll check the regs tomorrow in work. The question is usually the other way - TA into ACF...

    wait out....
  6. acf office to TA OR no can do due to holding the group B commsion and TA office to ACF OR is fine, as its not a conflict with the commision, hopfully saladin will agree with what I said
    all the best any way
  7. Sorry for the delay. I've not found the actual Ref. but I have found na working example... Ex Ref WO joined cadets on leaving and Commissioned. Took up FTRS post as WO - Had to resign Gp B Commision as a result. Now works with the cadets as a WO at weekends.

    Sorry, looks like you cannot join up as an OR and retain a Gp B Commission. Why not go for a Group A Commission ?
  8. Hi mate thank you to you and all the others who have responded the comments are much appreciated, as is the time you have taken to look into this for me.

    Other people have said i should go down and apply for a TA commission but if im honest being an officer in the TA doesnt really appeal to me, i was offered the opportunity last year then decided not to go for it, thats what sparked my interest in going to the TA in the first place but i would def wish to go as OR.

    not really trying to go back in as an NCO either as i want to do something different than RE so would be happy to start from PTE and hope my experience would stand me in good stead for early promotion.

    hopefully i can resign my commision in the cadets and go back to being a SGT instructor but if not i may just sack it off.

    Warm Regards