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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Maj_Boothroyd, May 21, 2010.

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  1. In my civvy job I teach on- and off-road familiarisation to soldiers on MoD vehicles that shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.

    I'm also in the TA but these vehicles are not on my FMT 600, because my unit has not sent me on the approved course of instruction. I could get one of the other instructors to sign my FMT but there would be no record of my course bid/attendance held by the Unit.

    Could I drive them them with my green skin on given that although no army paper trail exists; I would be able to demonstrate competence to anyone who wanted to know?

    Master drivers & TCWOs, you opinions please.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I wouls say no with out the proper paper chase
    I have a HGV one and was ex forces when I joined the TA but stil had to redo 4 tonner etc training to satisfy the training bods
    I could also produce an old FMT 600 with everything listed

    In fairness you do get a lot of the been there done that brigade who then make a pratt of themselves by promptly crashing or being unable to get it going in the first place
  3. I'm not talking about stuff that is on my FMT but not seen for some years. I have been fammed and have Foden 16-tonner on my FMT600 but having not driven one for a 16 years; I might check the manual before I get behind the wheel.

    I'm talking about current and new kit; I teach Pte Smiff off-roading in a humpity-bumpity army truck on Thursday and then go TA training on Saturday, can I drive the humpity bumpity army truck in my capacity as one Her Majesty's weekend-warriors?
  4. Surely you can do whatever the fcuk you want. The trick is not getting caught!
  5. The question that should be asked is are you training Pte Smiff to drive a humpity-bumpity army truck to the correct levels of instruction as laid out in the GS Driving package? If your in Leconsfield then yes, you should be. If your somewhere else then maybe you are not?? Are you teaching them in SV etc?
  6. The VT Land contract has finished so cant be that.

    Do you live near Folkestone?
  7. If he was teaching Smiff in Leconfield he would have the appropriate entry on his FMT 600 for every vehicle he is entitled to Drive/Instruct on. If he hasn't and is teaching smiff to drive MOD vehicles whilst in the employment of HMG then I can sense some serious incoming should it all go Pete Tong.
  8. Thats what i was sensing....... :rmp:
  9. Yes it does exist, F4761. It holds all your details ref driving. Usually held within the MT or if its like our place in the Ops Room, in some dusty cabinet. It shoud follow you around as you go from place to place.
  10. Also. The MTWO should not just be transferring everything from one FMT 600 to another. If you dont hold a particular vehicle in your unit i.e DROPS it should not go onto your new FMT 600 when posted into that unit. Remember that you need to be re-familiarised onto equipments that you have not driven in 12 months.

    Your proof of being appropriatley converted to that vehicle will still be held in the Driver Training Folder which should follow you.

    In an ideal world of course!
  11. It's none of the above. It's a low population equipment; the training is delivered in by us as the Manufacturer's approved training provider. All training is delivered in line with an approved syllabus, accredited and audited, et al.

    So back to the original question...
  12. PM me with the details and I will let you know.