Can I drive a double decker bus on a car license?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by rgjbloke, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. A bloke I know has offered me some work driving his fun bus. It's a part time job mainly at the weekends which just pays a bit of beer money. It's the time of year where my usual stuff has gone quite so I'm tempted to do it and take the beer coupons.

    Thing is, can I drive it on my car license. It's an L reg double decker which has been completely gutted and redecked with play activity stuff for younger children. I won't be carrying any passengers except for one helper who is an employee and not paying a fare. I just drive the thing there, park it up, the kids play on it for an hour or two and then I return the bus to it's parking plot.

    I passed my driving test in the mob back in 1976.

    30 years ago, I worked for a local authority as a driver for about five years where I drove coaches up to 52 seats. All we needed for that was an ordinary license because all the passengers were not paying anything for the ride. It was not a hire and reward service.

    I have looked at various sites to try and get an answer but there are so many variables, it's difficult to get an answer to these particular circumstances.

    Anybody know anything about driving a vehicle like this under the same circumstances?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  2. Reckon it's probably classed as a private LGV and you'd need an LGV licence if so.
  3. Sixty

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    You can (provided it's more than thirty years old and it's not for reward)

    Edit to add source: Link
  4. The minor detail that on a B licence you are limited to 8 passengers, sort of makes the rest of the seats on a 52 seater pointless though, and the bus would have to be under 3.5 tons.

    If you've held your B for two years and you are over 21 I beleive you can still drive Minibuses, but again not over 16 seats or over 3.5 tonnes.

    If you want to drive a bus you need a D (which will allow towing of a 750kg trailer) or a D+E which would let you tow a heavier trailer.

    I can't remember if you need to do anything in particular to drive 'for hire or reward' with a D.
  5. Old money licence is 7.5 tonnes LGV, yup should be eligable. My licenece allows that that's about 1991(ish)
  6. My bad.

    I thought it was still seated.

    You need to look at your licence, in 'new' terms you'll need C probably. You need to ask the bloke who owns it how much it weighs. According to the t'internet a normal double decker weights in about 7.5 tonnes (that will include the chairs), but you need to know the weight of this fit, as the play area etc will add to the weight.

    On a B you can only drive up to 3.5 tonnes.

    C1 will only take you to 7.5 tonnes (you will proably have that licence by the date of your licence)
  7. I think you'd have to get an 'I'm not a kiddly fiddler' certificate too.
  8. Depends on the MAM of the bus.
  9. Not neccesarily.

    If he drives the bus there, sets up and fcuks off he wouldn't need a CRB. It would be prudent to get one if he did have contact with the kids, but again if supervised by others for a temp job that doesn't actively require him to be in contact with kids, I don't think he needs one.

    If you had a school/cadet det visiting your unit you wouldn't CRB everyone in unit, or even those they are likely to meet. They would be supervised by appropriately cleared adult sthough.
  10. And perhaps just to set the parents minds at rest, a sweatshirt with that motif emblazoned front and back.
  11. Thanks everyone for the response.

    My licence has B/BE/C1/C1E/D1/D1E

    And also fklnp

    I think I'm ok but not quite sure.
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  12. Phone DVLA they will tell you one way or another
  13. If the bus is plated under 7.5 t then yes, if it is over then no. It does not really matter how much it does weigh, but what the MAM is plated at.
  14. If your name is Ali and you passed your car test in Islamabad, then yes crack on!
  15. Double decker only weighs 7.5 tonnes? I thought they'd be much heavier.