Can i do unit 1 and 2 intensive for TAPO DE?

Thanks for all the replies i got a few days ago asking about the best way to combine TA officer training and uni. I've decided to go for the TA Potential Officers Direct Entry route.

I went along to my local TA unit's meeting on Tuesday and within 10 mins honestly regretted not joining soon after my 17th birthday.

Between my last a-level exam and uni i have a 3 month holiday coming up (July-September) and really wanted to do as much TA training as is possible. Loads of my friends are going away or just taking on full-time jobs, and i'm getting bored of living at home and think that a summer of training would be a constructive way to spend my time, get in shape and earn enough to not have to work for the TESCO empire.

What i was hoping to do was an intensive module 1 and 2 training course in July if that is possible. If it isn't then i'm hoping to mix and match training at different units so that i can do a course every weekend. I'm getting attested on Tuesday so will have all of the kit and be on the mod books.

I live in Dorset and have a car so can travel pretty much anywhere. I'm hoping to start training as soon as possible after the 4th July (school prom)

Thankyou in advance,
Charlie (an overly keen recruit) :D :D



There is a Summer Challenge held in Scotland which may meet your needs - search the TA board for it. I doubt you will have much success with your idea of training at a variety of units/courses to fill up your weekends.

There is not an unlimited amount of time for the PSI/PSAO to organise this, and having an army number and uniform alone does not allow you to train wherever you wish. They will probably expect you to follow their programme or at least a series of weekends at one training centre.

There is also the issue of how long it will take for your pay to catch up - could you live with no pay for the 3 months? It may well take that long! Never rely on the TA as your sole source of income, particularly in the early stages.

Why not start training at your local unit, and take part time bar work or similar? Cash from bar work to keep you going, good start to your TA training, and a chance for a social life during your time off.


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