Can I claim interest on money owed to me by the Army

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by milkandtwo, May 8, 2007.

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  1. The Army currently owe me approx £600 and the problem appears to be ongoing. About 5 months ago the system failed to give me a payrise on promotion. There is no disagreement about the entitlement but it just appears to be all too difficult to recify.

    Now, I'm not whinging and I dont mind lending the Army the money, but I do feel I should be entitled to charge interest at the same rate as a bank would charge me.

    Do any pay gurus out there know if it is laid down in writing anywhere that I can claim interest on monies owed?
  2. Kiss goodbye to any further promotion ;)
  3. Why? Do the pay gods control all promotion as well now?
  4. if you are financially disadvantaged by the failure of the dogsh1t army system to pay you correctly then you can claim back the cost of their pathetic and p1ss-taking performance.

    If you can prove that you were financially disadvantaged by their actions - e.g loss of interest in a savings account, bank charges etc. then you can claim.

    I can't find the form required - it has no doubtless gone JPA which means you will probably have to wait until 2034 to see any money.