can i claim a war pension

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by bazbails, May 7, 2011.

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  1. im just wondering if anybody thinks i have good grounds for a claim from the army i fell from a truck in iraq in 2003 due to the step been snapped and it made me loose my footing and fall off instantly my ankle swelled to the size of a balloon i was taken to the field hospital at sheibah where they x rayed it nothing was broken so some ibrufen and on yer way, since then it has allways given me pain constantly and i have a tendency to go over on it,, i was reffered to the physio about 18 months ago who did a ultra sound and said there was scare tissue where i tore my acheleas and said nothing could be done see the pti,s for some excersises to strengthen it so i did that , when i went for my final medical 2 weeks ago the doctor asked me if anything was wrong i told him just my ankle he had a look and asked when it was last xrayed i told him 2003 he asked me if i would go for a xray which i did when i went to see him again he showed me my xray and asked if i play a lot of football i replied no he said my shin bone at the bottom has a chunk of bone missing which is floating about in my ankle and the shin bone has a little tuft of extra bone above the missing bit where it has tried to repair itself but the doctor said its because of my age and natural wear (im 35) and have no problems in any other joints he even phoned me on my mobile and asked me to see the rru at catterick where i was examined by 2 doctors on the day of my release, one doctor did slip up and say it would have been caused by my accident but it can be fixed by surgery,, do you think the late interest in my ankle is the army knowing i have grounds for a claim or is it my wishfull thinking ??
    thanks in advance
  2. Heard this one before in the national press.
  3. what do you mean youve heard it before in the national press ?? im asking if people think i have a chance of a claim
  4. If it's true then yes, get in touch with your local RBL office for the forms( check the website), it is always IMHO better to go through the RBL than going to the Veterans Agency direct
  5. i have been intouch with the rbl they sent me the forms out wich i have filled in and sent back there was something in there with the veterans agency on,i only got out of the army yesterday so just waiting thats why i was asking peoples opinions if i have a claim and was it my wish full thinking or were they flapping as they realised they had let me down with treatment ,, this really is true i cant understand why anybody would not believe me ?? for what reason ??
    i suffored the injury whilst serving on op telic 2 in 2003 with 19 tank transporter sqdn the truck in front of ours broke down on route bone and i was helping un hitch it when i stepped onto the side step wich was snapped causing me to fall off ,the trucks were in rag order as they were not returning to the uk they had been sold to the jordanian army and were going straight there from iraq as we were getting the new oshkosh 1070f to replace the scammell commander hope thats enough proof for you
  6. If you had a real question you'd be directing it at the military authorities. Might be your best bet.
  7. Well you do come across a bit bone coming on here and not going directly to the MOD/VA website, which is where Google would have sent you
  8. Hmm war pensions have been replaced by the afcs. Do you have full military med docs to support your claim? If so you should crack on. I'm suprised you haven't been through injury lawers for you etc to make a compensatory claim as if what you claim is true then the MoD have cocked up in duty of care. I'm also suprised that it's taken 7 years for you to even think about claiming, this will be picked up by SPVA so be ready for some pretty intrusive questionning from them.

    Defo get onto the RBL as soon as and get the ball rolling. Good luck.
  9. Always best to come onto an anonimous website to get medical opinion from total amatures!
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  10. Absolutly old the way my 'friend' has an anti-social discharge, can anyone help?
  11. i have got my claim in process i just wondered peoples opinions on if i had a claim i thought someone on here might be clued up on this type of thing
  12. There's usually a time limit on these sorts of claims. You're probably pushing up against that limit at the moment. To be honest, even if you're successful you aren't going to get a huge windfall.
  13. cheers i only got out yesterday so i could not claim a war pension as serving persons cant claim war pension and it happened in 2003 so i cant claim on the new forces compensation scheme as thats for accidents after 2005
    cheers, will see what they say i have nothing to lose i suppose
  14. A well known character from the NE of England hurt his knee when exiting a field ambulance on Telic 1.
    This was taken up in the national press, his MP was Tony Blair.
  15. I heard the best cure is getting bum fucked by a couple of Nigerian cab drivers, let us now how you, sorry how your friend gets on. :)