Can I check the back of your ID card Sir?

I can not believe this farcical practice is starting up again.

As I cycled into camp this morning, in uniform I might add, I exchanged pleasentries with the young R Sigs girl on the gate whilst showing her my ID Card. At this point, she then asked to check the back of the ID Card. :frustrated:

Now she has obviously been told to do this, but really what is the fecking point. I am assuming it is to check for forged ID cards. If I was going to forge an ID Card, surely I am going to do the back of it as well as the front :roll:

Can anyone educate me as to why this pointless exercise is practiced? I remember there was a spate of it in the early 90's with rumours the RMP were going around with tigerwatch stickers on the back of their cards to catch out the poor feckers on the gate. :x :x :x :x
Did it slow you down - make you late - offend you - annoy you?

And anyone can buy a convincing kit these days so did it really matter that you were in uniform?

I bet, if she hadn't have asked to see your ID you'd have been on here moaning the youth of today?

Lets see, Daily Shitloid doing an expose on how crap security is at military bases gets waved through on a dodgy ID card or Lassie doing her job stops said scumbag reporter from getting through the gate.

I know which I would prefer. Stop whining and get a grip
:lol: :lol:
Should have expected some flak I suppose.

Firstly, no it didn't make me late. I was already in work, just going from one camp to another, was actually mega early for a change. I usually am very polite with the guys on the gate, we have all been there and it's a thankless task. I was still polite to the girl this morning, as I said, I don't think its her fault, she has obviously been told to do it.

Second point, my ID card is not on display in my wallet, so I don't inform all and sundry that I am a serving soldier whenever I take my wallet out (Granted thats not very often). As such it is alweays taken out of my wallet.

I just think it is a pointless exercise, and yes it does annoy me.
Vimeiro said:
Perhaps she fancies you and wanted to try and engage you in conversation.
She's only human (And was wearing glasses 8O )
She did it off her own bat or has she been told to check, if the former fine if the latter even better, she's the guard. She's doing her job, you should know that.


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eye_spy said:
Vimeiro said:
Perhaps she fancies you and wanted to try and engage you in conversation.
She's only human (And was wearing glasses 8O )
Really thick heavy duty ones? :D
There nothing worse than getting an uptight fecker coming through the gate, looking at you like you just told him you did his granny up the arrse because you ask to see his / her ID.

It a forces unit. You have and always will have to get your ID out. Its not going to change from day to day, it happens every day.

What would have happened if said girly waved you though and was spotted by RSM/ prov / guard commander (delete as applicable)? She would have been reamed a new one.

She was doing her job which in case you dont know, is to keep you lot safe! Get over it, and get yer feckin ID out......Sir! :wink:
johnboyzzz said:
CountryGal said:
eye_spy said:
Vimeiro said:
Perhaps she fancies you and wanted to try and engage you in conversation.
She's only human (And was wearing glasses 8O )
Really thick heavy duty ones? :D
Nothing wrong with thick birds
Nor indeed heavy duty ones ;)

As I understand it a common way of faking IDs is to get a photo of one (i.e. someone snaps you on high zoom while you've got your lanyard around your neck), yet another reason for removing passes when off-site. Obviously this would only get the potential dodgy geezer the details of the front of your card. They're less likely to have a good copy of the rear and, based on that logic, checking the back is a more effective way of identifying fake IDs.

No, it's not foolproof.
Good on her I say, its good to hear of people stagging on that are doing that little bit extra (be it because they have been told too or off their own back).

Personally, I think there is also nothing wrong with asking the person coming in questions about the info on their ID card either. Its so easy to forge them now why not do the extra bit to find out if the card holder is genuine or not.

When I used to stag on I used to make suer I took that bit longer checking cards, especially at peak times. It made the queues a right bitch getting into camp which served two purposes.

1) I checked everyone coming in thoroughly which ensured better security.
2) It helped to entertain me listening to the rants when people eventually got to the gate, this helped to pass the stag that bit faster.
Security is not a crime...
Can i just add...

I wont name my site location but security has its phases here, its up and down like a yo-yo.

I have been stopped as above and had the back of my pass checked a number of times. I have also been stopped leaving camp and it has been requested of me that I present my pass on the way out.

On the flip side I have driven into camp, cycled in and run in and not had my pass checked at all... In and out of uniform.

An increase in security often happens after an incident, surely if it remained at a set level. Incidents would be less likely to occur and everyone would soon get used to the presentation of passes ect at given times.

Just one more thing i thought i would give you an example of the worst security i have encountered.
I was asked to provide a small group to act as an enemy force, we had agreed to borrow enemy weapons.
These weapons were to be supplied on the start day of the Ex, long story short they fell through and i needed to source others.
Attending the most local camp i could find (a big military town) dressed in enemy kit with a collegue in a civilian car, we were let in without checking any ID. (Bearing in mind we could be anyone)
Drove straight to the armoury run by Aspire, asked the civi for a number of weapons, and ancils.
He asked us to come back in 30 mins so we went and ate in the cookhouse (got some funny looks).
Left the armoury with 8 rifles, 8 slings, 8 BFA's, 32 Mags with not so much as a signature on a 1033 (I nearly signed it Mickey mouse)
Placed said kit into ... Civi vehicle and took to the area..

Took the weapons back in military vehicle wearing uniform... response..... "You know you left the other day, and I thought. I dont even know that guy!"

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