Can i change once I'm in?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lewisg, Nov 18, 2010.

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  1. I'm currently trying to join the army, I've done my barb test, i've got my pre selection date and just had my first interview. I wanted to go in as a combat engineer but have been told the chance of getting in as one are slim to none because there are no vacancies but my second choice of infantry, if i do well, i can look at going in at march. I have no problems with the infantry but would preferred a trade.

    I am wondering if i went as infantry could i switch to a trade after servicing a little while or just wait for what i want?
  2. You can change, but it's a long drawn out process.
  3. Changing jobs now willl be made near enough impossible...from April this year all new entrants have to sign a Job Offer letter (once allocated) stating this is the job they want only on exceptional circumstances will be able to re-trade. This is to cut out the vast ammount of money wasted on those who get trained to one job then want to do another after a few years, the job offer letter will follow the soldier round in his P file.
  4. I would imagine that losing a trained soldier to another capbadge is preferable to having him leave the army alltogether, would this not adversely affect retention in the long term.

    A lad whos done 4 years, enjoyed his trade but fancies a change/new challenge. Is it not far better to offer him something new in the Army than have him toddle off to civvie st?
  5. This is whats been happening for decades, but the ammount of money it costs to retrain someone who is in some cases trying to hold the Army to ransom by saying if you dont retrade me Im leaving is cutting away at the training budget. Ask the many of soldiers who have gone onto JPA and signed off only to try and sign back on in their last few months who are getting told NO. New entrants like the OP as got to realise that by trying to sneak in quicker into a job they dont really want so they can re cap badge later wont work anymore........and now with the job offer letter theres proof to back the SPSO/RCMO up when they say No to a transfer.

    By the end of the day dont try and get in quicker with a job you dont really want to you might regret it, its best waiting a little longer to hopefully do a job for the next 24 years you like.
  6. I totally agree, a new entrant shouldn't be going in with a view to changing, he's taking up the space if a genuine committed young infantry man.

    I hope, however, the Army still offers the oppurtunity for a keen soldier to change trades, we do after all, all make mistakes / change our minds.

    I do however, bow to your far greater knowledge. Purely speculative questioning on my part
  7. Yep, had to sign one of those myself!! If you want to do Combat Engineering mate, do your wait.. It's hard, I've been waiting near 18 months but I've got the job that I wanted. Wait for the job you'll love, not second best ;-)
  8. As I left Pirbright (as Staff - 2 years ago) this was coming in. People were trying to jump the queue with job allocation - come to Pirbright on a less popular job and then try to cap badge change at Pirbright.

    The Arms and services have cottoned on to this and obviously still have an allocation of jobs and people to fill them - if you tried to change at training without a rock solid reason you might fail. To do a couple of years infantry and then try to change would see you "marking time" in seniority - you would be older, but going through the basic training for your new trade. your careers advisors and Regiment would advise against it.
  9. sorry to hijack the post lewisg,

    but does this include pilot training? it says on the website that you can transfer after 4 year and reaching the desired rank

    i was hping to join as a musician in the AAC and then id have 4 years at least learning about the army first hand and about the aircraft, intead of waiting in civvie street for a job to open up, and hopefully if i manage to complete the pilot election then id have better knowledge of army life and standards...

    but will these forms stop me from giving it a go at least

    (before ou say bout joining directly as an officer, i've thought long about this and i think going in as a soldier first would be best for me)
  10. No that is something completely different and Career progression, ie pilots, PTI's, Reg to officer and still will run said in my previous quote EXCEPTIONAL if its for the benefit of the Army, due to jobs like said above where you cant join direct or even if the Trade becomes surplus of requirement over the years then individual cases might transfer..........this is to stop the time wasters and people who come in the Army with a view of changing jobs and wasting money so the money can be spent more wisely.
  11. I'd be wary of joining as a musician and expecting to get 4 years of military experience - you will be doing ceremonial stuff, not being a soldier per se.

    and you're right IRON - exceptional trades/career moves will not be blocked, as they require experience first.
  12. So when i sign my contract i can serve upto 24 years now or is it still 22?
  13. It's 24 years ;-)
  14. Thanks Paddington!!!!
  15. django... i can appreciate what you're about muicians not getting much experience in 'soldiering' but by joining as a musician i can kind cover my back if i fail the pilot selection by going for the bandmasters course later on, but thanks for the replies :)