Can I change my mind which three jobs I chose after BARB?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mitchware, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. Hey all,
    so yeah, could I change the three main jobs I circled after my BARB test, It's just I chose the junior entry (being sixteen). Does it even matter which ones I circled, and if not when am I given the choice to confirm the main job I want to do. (Para adult entry). I am seventeen in November.

  2. Simple answer yes. If you are unhappy with the length of time you are having to wait for a job space to come available providing you pass selection and achieve a good grade (A) then you can offer to swap to a job where they have an intake.
  3. I'm confused... I only circled 3 options on a peice of paper, was it really that crucial? I'd rather wait til I'm 17 than junior entry..
  4. Well it is crucial as obviously you are going to circle the jobs you wish to perform. These options are selected for you also to find out as much as you can about them when the interviews roll round, so where training will take place, duration, where you could be posted etc. But as i stated no these choices are not final
  5. Ok three stages to this.
    Job Aspiration.....what you are thinking about before you go into an ACIO and prior to do initial really what you put on Army Interest form.
    Job Preferences....The three jobs you really want to do/eligable once you have completed BARB test....all the way up to Interviews you can chop and change and get advice about.these are set in stone in order of preference at Confirmatory prior to ADSC.if you do want to swap preferences in some cases may have to have another confirmatory interview.
    Job Choice...This is set at the ADSC interview by the ADSO after you have completed ADSC Selection.....once this is completed you have an Interview 4 by your Recruiter to see if you definately want that Job choice and go on the awaiting allocations list for that CEG.

    Contary to what Maori-Nick says though it isnt as simple as changing your job choice after that...(and dont just do it to get in a job faster by swapping waiting lists...this will come back to bite you hard now you sign a Job Offer letter prior to attestation if you dont want to do that job) If you give your Recruiter a valid reason why you have had a change of heart about your job you really want to do....he then has to convince the ADSO who interviewed you why your changing to a different job......if its not on your initial three preferences then may take lots of convincing and in many cases still wait a long time to get loaded.

    I think the OP is talking about initial aspiration bit prior to interviews so just speak to your Recruiter who will give you job briefs for the jobs your eligable and want to do...SIMPLE
  6. Ahh, that wasn't how my recruiting officer explained it to me. He keeps pushing me for infantry as ill get in quickest, as i asked whether if waiting lists for a job i was after was too long or i had been waiting a set amount of time and still no basic date had been given i could opt to go for a different job in order to get in quicker. Appreciate the information though Iron
  7. I will be going to harrogate on the 11th of september. But i wanted to change my capbadge from rrs 3 scots to paras. would this be possible at harrogate?
    ADSC: A
    barb: 68
    Run time: 9:34
    Heaves : 18
  8. When you go into do your attestation paperwork prior to your OATH in the ACIO August time you will sign a JOB OFFER LETTER stating that you have accepted the job offer and going in as 3 Scots and very unlikely to be able to change capbadge once in (this stays in your P File throughout your career. There still are some who may get the chance to change cap badges but the Army is trying to get away from this all together and keep people in the allotted my answer from a Recruiters point of view is NO you will stay 3 Scots .......Another thing is if you are getting under 9.18 now on your run speak with your Recruiter and see if you can go up on PRAC or even another Pre training/insight course and get a registered time.....your Recruiter may be able to speak with the ADSO who interviewed you and see if hes willing to change your job choice to PARA...a long shot but if you have improved then maybe he will do it(the only problem then will be ensuring with allocations they can swap you to a PARA Sept intake). Remember as JE you dont do PRAC till after AFC. best thing speak to your own Recruiter who has eyes on your ADSC Report and can speak with ADSO if feels its worth doing.
  9. As already said you have to have parental consent if Under 18 aswell but why not signing at 16, they could legally move out there parents house and spend their lives in a gutter taking drugs in Civvy street......and Ive seen plenty who do. The ones I have seen who go into Harrogate or Winchester mature during that 6 or 12 months and remember they do have extra on their DAOR (28 days to 6 months for under 18s). Also remember by the time they have completed Phase 1 and trade training most are coming up to 18 years of age dont actually get many who have just turned 16 on Attestation as most are between 16:5 and 17:5 as they have to of finished School/exams starting the September onwards (so basically they would be six formers age)
  10. Anyone know how to change your job choices now? Do i go through my old recruiter or the new recruitment company? I have only sat my barbs and am still waiting for my second interview
  11. speak with your CSM at the NRC and let them know your three preferences and you may be asked why you want them....when they put you forward for the interview with a careers advisor at the careers centre (was ACIO) know all about your preferences
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