can i change my job choice...

as title says, can i change my job choice, i have been put forward to go to afc harrogate in september, however they put e in as RA command systemes operator, which i didnt ask to do? so is it possible to change it now?
yes you can

and why would they put you in for something you didn't want to do?
You can change, dependent on your GTI score and what jobs are open to you.

What else did you want to do? They probably gave you RA Comd Sys due to your GTI and the list of jobs it recommends. If you wanted to go AS90 instead it shouldn't matter (unless they are short of Comd Sys and full of AS90 - why waste your potential?). COmd Sys certainly isn't boring and do some time as a Signaller in the command post then switch to the FSTs - best job in the Army.

You could wait until you get to Harrogate and receive more briefs on different Arms and Services.

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