Can I change chosen trade during phase 2?

I will be starting Phase 1 training in May but I already feel that I have made a big mistake in choosing Technical Storeman as a chosen trade. I had a talk with a former Storeman over the weekend and the idea of stacking shelves for the next 4 years is horrifying!!!! I wanted to know if I could transfer to QARANC-Student nurse or RAMC-ODP during or before Phase 2 training. I really want to be a soldier but if I find out that transfering is really a complicated as I've been told I might change my mind before my first 3 months is up. So gent's thats the question, Can I switch trades with relative ease?
Don't worry this is quite a common thing. Go back to the ACIO and let them know you have had a change of heart on your first choice trade. It would be better if you have fully researched your other chosen trades so you are really sure what you want to do.
Problem is I've already done the paperwork and signatures e.t.c. The other thing is that the next intake for QARANC student nurses or RAMC- ODP is in 2007 and my VISA expires in Nov 2006. So if I pull out now I and try waiting for the next intake period I might miss the opportunity to join the army. I'm from South Africa by the way.
from my partial experience of Phase1, we had the opportunity to change it during phase 1 if we weren't happy with the choice. Some people changed after Visiting Blandford Forum to see what their Sigs trade was going to be, so I'm sure it wont be a problem for you. Just mention it to your ACIO, if they cant do anything at that time, you should be able to mention it to your troop commander once you start phase1. Your ACIO will let you know what to do either way, so i wouldn't worry :).
You are not going to be able to change to QA. That role has additional entry requirements and interviews. They only have a limited number of interview boards per year and you will have missed the boat for a while.

ODP is also not an easy option to get into. Once in phase 2 training they really do not like to trying to transfer. You need to discuss this with your recruiter before you go to basic.

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