I am looking at buying a LHD (ex Hamburg Fire Brigade) van for use as a camping van and general runabout. The vehicle is for sale locally and is advertised as tax-free (dealer normally exports to the US); naturally the BFG office on camp is closed due to staffing difficulties at all the times when I am available...

The questions are:

As a non-registered LHD vehicle do I have to locally register it with the German authorities before I BFG it, or can I BFG it direct and get a UK style registration?

Can I get it tax-free?

How difficult is it to import LHD vehicles to the UK? It seems pretty straight-forward (less the inevitable DVLA jobsworth factor :x ) on the web-sites.

Thanks! :D
Import into the Uk will require a European Certificate of Conformity unless the vehicle in question pre-dates them. failing that you will have to pay to get it inspected which is a hassle you probably dont need.
Answers to your questions:
[marq=right]1.You do not have to register with the German authorities first, as the vehicle in question would have been registered with them. All you ned is the documentation that comes with the sale of the veh.
2. this is a C&I question however, from what I understand, if the veh is less than two years old then yes. please however speak to customs either your local guy through your local BFG office or JHQ 2229.
3. There is a form required to register LHD veh's UK, ask BFGVLO help line JHQ 4100.

Good luck

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