Can i become part of the MERT as an army paramedic

Is it possible to become part of the MERT as a paramedic in the RAMC or would I have to to the RAF route?


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What do you understand by 'MERT'?


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MERT is a capability which is a combination of specialised trades, brought together when needed ie on operations. I think you need dig deeper into what role you want to do in the military as, for example, the closest to a paramedic in the Army is a Combat Medical Technician (CMT).

Try here for starters :Combat Medical Technician - British Army Jobs


What War are you hoping for to fight in then?

Perhaps joining and doing Phase 1, Phase 2 & continuation training might be first up.
Then after experience & promotion you might get eventually to serve with a MERT.

But do not be too keen to see those seriously injured & dying in the back of a helicopter.
It is not a nice sight, very disturbing and sad and not all make it back alive, however good the MERT are!!


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You might also be interested in the role of Medical Assistant in the Royal Navy.

Yes, but the Army has "Ground MERT" vice Helicopter MERT.
I'm wanting to join the QARANC as a healthcare assistant and would like to know more about the joining and selection process

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