Can I be sued for quitting my job?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Olympius, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    Off to basic this sept.

    I've been f**ked about a bit by a company. They've contracted me out at shit salary when I've got a massive exp. in IT but knowing the area I live in has barely any jobs they refused to offer me a decent salary.

    I had a barney with the line manager there and said I'm not going to stay there (a lie - I can't afford to not turn up) upon which suddenly the funds were available and he's offering me a post to start on the 17th.

    Now, lads, I'm not gonna lie to ya - I intend to work 2 weeks, go on holiday for 2 weeks, collect my salary and **** off to basic.

    I've got no qualms about doing this for any whingers out there. It's a big corporate company that like to contract people in for **** all so they receive no pensions and cant take sick leave and frankly one months pay on the salary i've just been offered is the thick end of 2k after tax etc. leaving me money worries free during basic.

    May seem odd asking on this site.....but I'm sure some booties have been in a similar position where they've "had" to jack in a job. Can I be sued?
  2. Law or Joining up threads - run away.
  3. I hate being sensible. Law thread, chip chop. Ask for Iolis.
  4. Just do as I ask.
  5. lol fine, but I don't know how to move a thread :p :?
  6. They can ask you to pay back any holidays you've taken and not accrued but if you're going away and they don't know where you're going then I wouldn't worry about it, glad you're not watching my back in the near future, you're a bit unreliable. Good luck with your training, you'll be f*cked if you end up having to go back home after being kicked out or discharged.
  7. It is a little unusual, especially at this time of the morning. :)
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    are you signing any kind of contract with them that stipulates you will be providing them with your services until a certain date? or is just on an ongoing basis with notice periods on both sides? if the former, you may have problems. if the latter, as long as you observe the notice period then why should there be any problems? they might get soggy and hard to light if it comes to rehiring you, but if you're off to basic is that a problem?
  9. Fingers on lips, I am not well and the Huff keeps snoring.
  10. Hope you're better, and normal service resumes, soon.
  11. I'll try my best fella. :lol: :lol:
  12. Shut up you judgemental prick
    I got made redundant in Jan after 4 years (the business went into admin), and I've had to take a job in my home town to

    A) To give my younger brother (who is only 19) a place to live


    B) put him through university.

    Sorry mate if I have to choose between - screwing over some massive c0cksucker company that has done **** all for me


    -having more money to support myself and my only family member I'll choose the latter everytime. So how exactly am I unreliable?

  13. Wait one trigger, I will give you all the help you need.

    Mr Dale is in a high place, and I can help. Tell anyone, you die x
  14. Did I just say that out loud?