Can I be ordered to buy kit that is listed as uniform by RSM

A quick query. Our SO'd for dress issued by our RSM state we must wear rank slides. However, we have been told that these are not issued and must be purchased (I'm in the TA). It maty seem petty, but surely if something is marked up as part of our uniform it should be standard issue; can I be compelled to buy this and is this the thin end of a wedge?


Check your Corps/Regiment's dress policy (available on ArmyNet) for dress reg's. Strictly speaking you cannot be 'ordered' to purchase items, however it tends to lead to a quieter life if you conform! When in Rome........!
thanks guys; youve pretty much confirmed what I thought. It just rankles that we are 'expected' to buy these things. :x I might hold out for a bit, just for the hell of it! :twisted:
Unless you are a private/siggy/crafty ie not an jnco or above I can't imagine why you would refuse to wear your rank on the basis that you have to pay for the rank slides. Seems like a bit of an own goal

"Cpl Smithers why aren't you wearing your lance jack tapes ???"
"Shan't sir, its a diabolical liberty expecting me to pay them !!"

"No problem sig Smithers, same time next week ?"
We have to buy them too. Ask your Q if he's got any old ones knocking about that people have left on their kit when they've handed it in after leaving or something nlike that...
LOL I agree, but as a old sweat returning to re-do basic, I don't think ANY recruit should have to pay for their own kit, especially a rank slide that says you are a basic Tom!
Thats the stupid bit... nothing, bar the regimental cap badge! Which, for some regiments causes all sorts of confusion and leads to privates being saluted as officers buy those poor souls who have anything less but bionic vision at any given distance
We used to have a saying back in the dark days - they cant make you buy something, but they can make you wish you had
always be the "Man at Q & M's" i have refused to buy stuff before, thye don't like it but if they want you to have then they should provide it.


You could make a suggestion (through your chain of command of course) that items like this are paid for out of PRI funds.

Might go down like a lead balloon but worth a try perhaps.

comedy dave

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Steal some?

Make some?

get demoted?

Kill everyone that wears rank slides so you won't be ostracised. Kinda self-ostracisation........ if that makes any sense?

Sleep with the RSM?
Get some off someone who has been promoted?


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Ask your RSM for his old ones.

Then await incoming.
I can almost hear the conversation now.... "Hello mate, can I have your old rank slide, you know, the one with the pretty little design on it...... "


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and how about the reply...........?

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