can i be an infantryman

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by muzz, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. G'day, I am 17 and live in Australia, I just got knocked back from the Australian Army and am shattered. My colour perception (cp3) isnt sufficient for service in the infantry, artillery or armoured corps (all i wanted to do). I want nothing else than to be a soldier and if it means moving to Britain Ill happily do it. I have four questions

    What is the colour perception requirement for the infantry?

    Could I persue a commision having started out as a soldier? Would it be more difficult than sitting out the required time of residency (5 years max i think) for an officer and applying directly to Sandhurst?

    Are there many Aussies serving in the British army?

    Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Your going to get short, sharpe shrift on here fella, it ain't called ARRSE for nothing.

    Indicating that you were knocked back for the Australian Army, and then attempting to join the British Army, (Intimating that we are some how a second best choice), is likely to smart in certain quarters.

    That being said, I am not sure of the eyesight requirements, or even if the measurement you use, is comparible to the UK.

    The following website may be of some use:
  3. There are a few Aussies serving with the Brit army that I know of, Long-look also provides an exchange between the two armies. Your acceptance as an individual would be based on your personality and abilities not where you are from. In terms of applying for direct entry to Sandhurst I would say it would do you no harm to serve as a Soldier first, however that is only my perception. Finally I have no knowledge of what the standards for eye sight are so can’t help you there.
  4. Can confirm mate, that that your cp level is acceptable for British army infantry, and any other roles too.
  5. Apologies, the above is meant to say:

  6. Why should the British army come before the Australian army? He's Australian for fucks sake. Get a grip.
  7. I thought the way in which I had penned the response, would indicate that, that would be the response of a number of posters, (not actually my own). Given some of the bone responses you sometimes get to honest and serious questions, who can blame me.

    Obviously after a night duty, my literary skills have failed me.

    If they had been my personal thought's I would of said so and not provided a link.

    Nough said.
  8. I have heard of a few Irishmen who were knocked back by the Irish Defence Forces and successfully joined the British army so maybe you have a chance? If its your dream to become a squaddie then never give up on it until all avenues have been exhausted. Good luck.
  9. If that is so then go for it and welcome.
    I would tend to agree with OpsO that a time as a soldier first would be positive. Especially as if you commission first you are not guaranteed the arm of your choice and may have to take a supporting arm as opposed to a teeth arm. As a soldier you should be able to sign up for the unit of your choice, provided you fit their requirements.
    There are a couple of aussies kicking about on arrse find them and ask, if I remember who they are I will pm you the contact.

    Good luck mate.
  10. I dunno. They come over here. Use our Training Areas. Get off with all the best-looking sheep. Bah! (Or Baa, as the case may be). :)
  11. Thanks for all your help, the british army isnt second best at all, its just not the first thing that comes in an aussie boys mind when he thinks of joining the army, but it now looks a very good option all things considered.

  12. Good luck fella, hope all goes well.
  13. One of my contemporaries at school was knocked back by the RAF, RN and AAC. He became an American and flew F14s for the US Navy.