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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by meridian, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Where did all the David Cameron stuff go?

    There was even a sensible debate in current affairs or so I thought, are we self censoring a bit much of late?
  2. see the sticky's.
  3. Took me ages to type out those Jade Goody jokes :(
  4. What I find baffling is that the rationale given for banning the Cameron stuff doesn't make sense. We're told that:

    The idea that making jokes about a dead 6 year old is any more tasteless or more likely to bring "hostile attention" is ludicrous when you consider what is standard, normal fare in the Naafi. Let's remember that there are typically (very funny) jokes about rape, gang rape, genocide, mutilation (including laughing at photos of children with no hands), famine, the disabled, serving and ex-soldiers who have killed themselves etc. We are constantly told that anything goes. More importantly, there are pages upon pages of jokes about the rape, gang rape and murder of a 4 year old child. How is any of that significantly different to jokes about Ivan Cameron?
  5. Looks to me like someones is trying to shneck up to the tories, any mods considering a move into politics, or getting pally with Cameron and his mates?

    You have to love the double standards, "that's not funny because I say so" awesome.
  6. Bet it would still be here if it wasn't a Tories kid
  7. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    The MOD's have a hard job and lets not forget they do it for free, the site owners have to try and balance a lot of factors but I think of late we have witnessed quite a bit of confusing moderation.

    This is not a rant and I fully accept that I can choose to fcuk off or not; and I choose to stay because I enjoy other many other aspects of arrse.

    We can take the p1ss out of jade goody, have fisting pictures on full view, celebrate St Skyscraper day and various other things already listed above but the death of the child of the Tory leader is off limits. The debate that followed was I thought on the whole quite reasonable, we discussed the validity of suspending PMQ's and maybe a sneaking thought that there were some PR and/or politics at play. In fact this discussion was followed the next day in a couple of the more thoughtful and less mawkish papers.

    I accept that it is a sensitive time for serving ARRSE users, perhaps its just a sign of a maturing community, the wild and hairier nature of the site gets its rough edges rounded off for the greater benefit.
  8. So what would happen if people started posting David Cameron jokes randomly in all the threads, would they all get pulled? Just curious :?

  9. Try it.

    I don't think you've got the balls to do it frankly. You're all gob.
  10. Think i will just stick with the maddie jokes then, they never grow old......
  11. Seconded.

    I'm off to get the armoury keys, who's with me?
  12. And nor does Maddie. ;)
  13. F*ck off, like i don't realise you're baiting me :lol: I only posted one joke as i didn't get to sikipedia quick enough. I was just curious to what would happen if lots of people didn't agree with Cameron being off limits when everyone else seems to be fair game.
  14. It was pulled by a non NAAFI mod.

    I asked those involved in pulling it to stick a post as a sticky explaining as I believed it looked like we were being choosey and selective who its OK to mock and not.

    For what its worth I love mocking whats deemed unacceptable, but I want a laugh and a bit of originality with it, not just googling 'Jade Goody or David Cameron' jokes and starting a thread on it.

    Without whining, its rare we get a laugh in here anymore, just one line thread starters by toilets who are unable to put any meat on the bone.

    Civpop and turds seem to have taken over and I bet there are very very few serving or ex soldiers who regularly post or value the NAAFI any longer.
  15. What do you think would happen, you moron?