Can I Apply With GCSEs And AS Levels?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by ShinyMan, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. I've recently applied to join the Army as a Regular Soldier with the RMP having been a Civilian Poice Officer for just over four years. My question is with regards to the minimum academic qualifications required to apply as a Regular Officer. Unfortunately i am slightly short of the minimum UCAS points required in order to apply, however, i have heard that in some instances cases are dealt with on an individual basis.

    Does anyone know what the chances of applying as a Regular Officer would be without full A-Levels and/or a Degree?
  2. How short are you???
  3. didn't realise his height was gonna be a problem?
  4. To be fair i'm probably punching below the waist with this one. I think i'm about 80-100 UCAS points short of the 180 required.

    I don't believe my GNVQ counts towards anything in terms of UCAS points.
  5. We've had a question like this before and I think the answer was 'you need A2s.'

    But for a definitive answer, contact your local Officer recruiting bod.
  6. I'll give them a call on Monday. Thank you for the information. I've got a feeling i won't be eligible, however, i am just as enthusiastic in applying as a Regular Soldier, there is always the opportunity of Commisioning at a later stage in my career.
  7. There are ways to take A-levels via distance learning. Oxford Open Learning is one of them,

    Some kid just got 23. They're not too hard. You can fit one or two into your work schedule if you want it hard enough.
  8. Not as easy as you'd think - if you want to be an officer, best to start that way. Think long and hard about it.
  9. just a question regarding the tarriff table, if i have a BTEC National diploma worth 120 points and a BTEC Certificate worth 160 points do i take the highest score or add them both together
  10. I'll second that, those extra 100 points you want are equivalent to one B at A level, or 2 B's at AS. That shouldn't be too massively difficult to get as long as you're not in a hurry, and some subjects (ie maths) can be largely self-taught from good textbooks.
    Can't offer much advice on the adult learning side of things, but my school seems to be OK with adults taking the same exams as us kids (that is to say, they pay the entry fee and the school lets them take it with us).
  11. I thought I didn't have enough either, but I took an HNC and it turns out it is worth over 240 UCAS points, so my advice is grab one of those, easiest certificate I ever gained, with the exception of an art degree I found in the toilet cubical of the student union.
  12. There is no double counting - applicants cannot count the same or similar qualifications twice
  13. so basically the year course i done to get me into the 2 year course gave me more points than the 2 year course and i wasted 2 years of my life on a qualification that is useless as i already have a better 1
  14. The bit with entry requirements i have not sussed yet is why dont degrees count towards the entry criteria. There are some people like myself, who even though I screwed my a levels up in style I still gained a degree (not in English as my use of grammar may suggest). When I tried to join the regs they just sent me away telling me to get more A levels yet I have a degree, im doing post grad and im hoping to gain a masters are all of these really worth less then an a level.

    Apologies for my rant. It's just no one has explained how come this is the case.