Can HAC wear Household Division?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Super-Bif, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Why not just wear an HAC one? If you're into all that poncy gear that is.
  2. Only if you are CoD in the HAC. Otherwise...

    1. No
    2. WTF would you want to?

    If you really want to wear HD stuff....join the HD!
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  3. Why? Freaky weirdo.
  4. Agree with Carlos on all counts. Though I assume you're question may be driven more by the fact that Smart Turnout seem to think they can "pad out" their HAC range of paraphernalia with Houshold Division clag. Lets face it, if it can be branded up the HAC have probably had a batch of the item run off at some point. I mean for instance:
    HAC slippers
    HAC Waistcoat

    FFS a Train

    And keep it hush... they don't bother with the SA80 - it jams unlike this proven preferred personal weapon
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  5. Why slum it?
  6. LOL. Typical of the posy ponces who join the HAC these days. All about ceremonial and dressing up. But then it always was wasn't it ? Not like you have a credible official operational role other than gun salutes and providing IRs to random under-strength RA units. God knows why you lot bother with all that tabbing...not like you're ever going to use it is it ? Man up and go to 21....
  7. The ones who I met on Herrick 6 certainly had a credible role.....
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  8. You're missing the point old chap.

    Of course they had a credible role because they were filling specific PIDs on an operation. But then so could have just about anyone. BRF-fill-ins, joystick operator on base ISTAR or staff monkey are all credible roles per se. But that's not the same as saying that the Regiment has a credible role.....other than providing IRs as fast as it can to any job going in order to justify its existence.
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You're just jealous because your unit doesn't have a train.
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  10. The troll has arrived.

    Quick move this thread to the Badgers Arrse....
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Anyway, the HAC's role is to provide an air of dash and elan to an otherwise dreary and shite Territorial Force staffed by gopping Gareth fucks.

    More than credible methinks.
  12. No, Carlos. Just pointing out some uncomfortable home truths which you never like to admit to, preferring to run behind the defence of "we have people on operations so we have a role." The HAC is a great resource of smart people. Just don't pretend it's something that it isn't. And currently (well...since about 1990) what it isn't is a formed unit with a credible role other than generating individual reinforcements for largely gunnery-related jobs. What bemuses me is that you persist with all this silly running up and down hills.....though I'm told that you're not taking that as seriously as you once did in any case. Last time you put out a full Sqn OP matrix and communicated over skywave.....?

    Good luck with someone finding you something to do in the Future Army post Herrick and the requirement to prop-up 5 Reg undermanning.

    The Official London Marching Up And Down Regiment ?
    The Dressing Up and Going to Balls Regiment ?
  13. Ravers - spot on.

    Good luck with that being identified as a formal task in the Reserves 2020 structure.... ;-)