Can good come from evil?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WildernessPete, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. What good can come from evil?

    Does evil have a purpose, does it inspire goodness in retaliation?

    Do what we survive really make us stronger?

    Or does evil corrupt and weaken us?

    I believe that the greater the evil the greater we inspire to be good and to eradicate the effects of evil amongst us.

    Evil corrupts and weakens those who want to be corrupted, and those who have faced true evil are the stronger from it.
  2. Just as I thought from the other post.......
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    you God squad, a dribbling loon or what?
  4. Do we have a philosophy forum? Or a forum for people who may be just about to top themselves?
  5. To the hole...

    Oh, and I think we'd 'aspire' to be good, not 'inspire' in case you feel like posting this shite on another website.

  6. Yup, a loon.....take his gongs now, and send him off clockwise in the Large Hadron Collider!
  7. yup we would aspire, but goodness should inspire. :eek:

    God squad, definitely no way, atheist through and through, just like to "debate and discuss".

    Got a good thread on the devil if you prefer.
  8. i think wilderness pete spent too much time in the wilderness.
  9. Nope 2 more years to go, then off to my 400 acres in Nova Scotia, pure wilderness. and heaven. 8)
  10. OK, Wilderness Pete, I'll bite. Folks are good for exactly the same reason as they're evil.

  11. ...and hopefully no internet connection. Dullard.
  12. Would it be evil to insert a red hot poker into his anus?
  13. Can good come from evil? Depends. I wouldn't rely on it happening, though.

    Just as one illustration, we had an incident in Bosnia where a heavily pregnant woman was hit by shrapnel near our patrol. We gave the best medical attention we could until a local doctor appeared on the scene and saved both mother and child. His professional opinion was that the mother was so weak from exhaustion and malnutrition that she'd likely have miscarried if she hadn't had the improvised C-section.

    2 years or so ago, one of the lads I attended that with locked himself in his garage and left the engine running. He didn't leave a note but he did leave a wife and 3 kids.

    Good comes from evil, yes. But so does evil of the worst kind.
  14. Can good come from Evil?

    My son is testament to that, his mum is an evil bitch

    But I'm not bitter........
  15. Of course it can!! Have you not seen Star Wars??

    The evil Darth ends up saving his son for the greater good :)