Can Full-Screw Techs AGAI Liney LCpls? Discuss.

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by BinaryWarfare, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Interesting conversation overheard en route back from a Sqn piss-up tonight:

    Cpl Tech: "Next f*cker that f*cks up in the block is getting AGAI'd" (or words to that effect)

    LCpl Liney: "What, a full screw tech AGAIing a liney Lance Jack? As if." (Verbatim)

    A little history: Cpl Tech is an old ****** who joined up late, goes home at weekends, is used to people who know how to behave. LCpl Liney is newly promoted block-rat who has just signed off, and is usually main culprit for trashing the block at weekends, thus Cpl Tech is pissed off at coming back to block parades, seeing as REME "block NCO" won't square the f*ckers away.

    Just to stir up some inter-trade banter, Techs AGAIing Lineys?

    What d'ya think? :p
  2. Absolutely we have a rank structure. If a signed off lance jack is out of order and a social handgrenade and a pig then the Cpl should AGAI him. he is duty bound. A block is a communal living area. If someone can't act like an adult in a block then the older Cpl who only lives in during the week must preserve standards. If the lance jack is trashing the block then I suggest that the SNCO or OIC the block is told on the QT and the full weight of the unit reminds LCpl badness he is cargo/baggage and although signed off will have a hard time until he goes to civvie strasse.
  3. Been there, done it. Except it was 252's and with lineys with 10 years more service. Commit the crime, do the time.
  4. I understand we have the rank structure yes but a sproggy tech fullscrew is about as respected as a siggy
  5. That makes fuckall difference, t'was ever thus but the fact is that he IS a Cpl and has duties and responsibilities, one of which is to grip big bad L/cpls who think they are Gods gift to the Corps but are in reality just fuckups waiting to happen.

    The Cpl should be considering 252 action if he thinks the agai will have no impact.
  6. Has no bearing on the issue, Cpl agais LCpl and orders him to the SSM`s defaulters parade, SSM backs up or quashes the punishment.

    LCpl says feck him Im not doing it, Cpl reports unsatisfactory completion of award and either the award is increased or it moves from minor to major discipline.

    Got nothing to do with trades or time in rank. Keep the banter for the bar stop deluding yourself the fact the guys a Tech makes you some how immune to the discipline system.

    Edit - BAH! beaten by Steven
  7. So are sproggy subbies. Do we not take orders/punishments from them either?

    There's plenty of SNCOs I don't respect, I still take orders from them and have to accept AGAI action from them if I don't.
  8. Just one comment, the LCpl is not a 'Liney', the last combat lineman courses were back in the late 80's at Catterick. Your LCpl is a driver ! This of course has no bearing on your question, of course the Cpl should be warning/AGAIing the said LCpl.
  9. I cant even believe theres a debate about it, if the Cpl hasnt got the balls, then he shouldn`t BE a Cpl! Simple
  10. Sounds to me like the REME "Block NCO" is the one without balls, and should be got a grip of by the block SNCO.

    I hope the Cpl Tech follows up on his threat or like so many junior ranks will just continue to lose respect.
  11. The fcuking skip rat needs the good news. I would however try to sort it out without the Agai system first (JNCO,ORs). If the cnut doesn't get the message though nail the fcuker! And make sure everyone else in the block knows it!
  12. Fcuk it. The whole Aigai system is complete balls anyway.

    I say if he fcuks up again set fire to his bed.
  13. what he said
  14. In answer to the thread question. YES! A cpl can discipline a lance corporal, no ifs no buts. WTF has trade got to do with anything in this matter?

    Even if trade did matter (which it doesn't) why would liney/driver count as a "better" trade than "tech"? Tell me, which course is longer before you pass-out into the field army?

    IF (as I suspect this example is) boils down to how fast trades get promoted, you should think of the whole career. That means you need to look at the whole package. Getting to a supervisory position (yeoman/foreman) takes far longer and is far more demanding for a tech than an operator.

    I was told that the reason techs get JNCO rank quickly after training was for retention purposes. They can earn far more in civvy life than the army is willing to pay. That was told to me by my OC in Germany (1 Div) about 1985. My experiences after leaving supports his claim.

    From experience, most lineys are good lads but being a liney is a trade and not a rank. The L/Cpl you qouted was being an idiot who considers himself as more important than he actually is.
  15. Cpl Tech can Agai LCpl "Liney" (ie Driver).

    Because in a simplified manner it is merely Cpl Agais LCpl.

    End of.

    The "Liney" may think he is in someway better thann the Tech, but that just needs squashing out of him.