Can EU nationals join the TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Invictus22, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am an Italian national and have been working as a police officer in the UK for the past three years in a variety of roles.

    Since coming to the UK back in 1999 I have wanted to join the UK military but nationality and passport issues have prevented me from doing so.

    Can anyone tell me if I can join the TA as a permanent UK resident from the EU?
  2. I could be wrong here but generally the TA follow the same recruiting criteria as the regulars, ie no passport no can do.

    However as an Italian can you tell me if its true that your tanks in WW2 had 1 forward gear and 6 reverse ?
  3. I'm assuming that as you can't join the military due to nationality issues you won't be able to join the TA as it is part of said same military.

    Though I may be wrong... Go online to the army careers website . and have a chat with the online recruiters
  4. Even if the TA would allow you to join, the police often have an issue with officers joining. Unless there's been a recent change in policy, you have to get the permission of the Chief Constable and they usually say no.
  5. EU nationals are forbidden to join the armed forces. Only Britisih and commonwealth citizens may join. There's even a cluase in the EU employment rules exempting armed forces from having to employ foreign citizens.
  6. Italians in the British army?
    I fcuking hope not!!! If we let you in then it’ll be the French next and then where will be…

    On second thoughts, would you be willing to undergo training as cannon fodder?
  7. Interesting, probably its possible if you can be a Police man then you should be able to be in the TA - good luck and keep us posted about how it goes.

    hmmm....I sense a change in the TA's recruitment problems....
  8. I can, and you can't.

    Unless you get a British passport, and even then you are going to be subject (as I was) to extensive background checks.

  9. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    With the noble exception of the Irish of course who are a) EU citizens and b) neither British nor Commonwealth.

    They are, however, probably just the exception that proves the rule, although I did meet a Scandinavian chap who was a TA officer in a Scottish regiment and who proudly showed me a picture of him in a very Ruritarian get-up with medals etc from when he had served in his own country's army. Damned if I can remember which nation unfortunately. (And no, he wasn't a Walt; we met in Gorni Vakuf not down a pub although there was Slivo in evidence!)
  10. Ireland are ex commonwealth, pulled out in the late 40's. I'm originally from the south and have been living here for just over 5.5 years and I still have an Irish passport. No problems joining the TA, the security clearance took farking ages to come through though. The only thing the PSAO insisted on was for me to get a UK driving licence. There is a requirement to have lived here for 5 years before applying but this seems to not be too much of an issue as I had been here 4 years at the time I was attested.

    Don't know about other EU citizens. The only other foreigner I know in the TA is from Zimbabwe.
  11. I know some former commonwealth countries can join but rules have recently changed especially regarding South Africa. Ring the unit and ask them - there's a rule book which every unit has and they can tell you for sure.
  12. Interesting question.

    Have you any specialist skills or languages Invictus? Are you still liable for Military service in Italy?

    What sort of TA unit were you looking to join?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Italian, presumably...

  14. "Whata mistaka to maka"

  15. Of course to say that all Italian troops during the WW2 ran away is both histroricaly innacurate and also unfair, not all Italian soldiers ran away, some of them gave themselves up!!! :headbang: