Can English people do the summer challenge?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by charlie1989, May 17, 2007.

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  1. I'm hoping to do this course over the summer but i'm unsure about exactly what the nationality requirements are.

    This page states that only Scots can do it:

    Whereas (presumably) the same course is being offered by the engineers here:

    The latter has no mention of the need to be Scottish and even boasts a recruiting centre south of the Border (Newcastle)

    I thourght it was meant to be "one army" and although i can understand not accepting foreign nationals onto an English TA course it seems a bit wierd to be prejudice against english candidates.

    I really want to do this course but am confused as to whether i can.

    Cheers in advance
  2. As far as Im aware its run by 51 Highland Brigade for recruits to its regiments this is where the Scottish bit comes in rather than the nationality of the recruit.
  3. So yes, ou can apply, if you wish to join a Scottish Regiment. Im sure some of the instructors will be along to clarify that for you. Try searching this site as Im sure this topic has ben covered before.
  4. The RE recruiting centre in Newcastle you refer to is part of 71 Engr Regt which itself is based in Fife, Scotland. Therefore its recruits have the advantage of attending Summer Challenge although the Sqn is based in England.

    I am not sure if other Bdes have a similar thing or not. It'll be interesting to see whether recruits from the Newcastle lot can still attend Summer Challenge after they rejoin the Regt based in Gateshead in Apr 2008.

    SC had good positive reports last year.
  5. Summer Challenge is run By 51 Brigade for units within it it's area of responsibility. As the numbers are restricted to 250 pax. It is unlikely that recruits from other brigade areas will be able to participate. as the applications from within the brigade, are usually well over that number.

    The Engineer unit in question is part of 51 Bde, therefore its recruits are eligable for the course.
  6. Especially in dogging circles! :wink:
  7. Beat me to it Sweats, judging how 'successful' SC06 was, honest, I was under the impression it was coming to a Bde near you! god help them, most are just getting to grips with RTWs, so god knows how a SC is going to effect them.
  8. Look for similar event called Ex Midland Challenge, being run by 143 Bde (I thuink)
  9. Correct, its a 143(WM)Bde gig. If you want to be an infantryman, I hear that the local infantry are running a parallel event that will do Phase 1 training and the Combat Infantryman's Course as a oner. Cracking way to get through basic if you have the time.
  10. Linked from another thread in recruiting:

    Midlands Challenge press coverage

    Unfortunately there seems to be nothing on the 143 Bde website and Googling 'Midlands Challenge' brings up no relevant hits.

    Anyone have any information of other challenges taking place around the country? I would have said it was a bit late to be starting to publicise this if the start date is presumably in c. 6 weeks time.
  11. This Midlands Challenge then, how long is it for, is it OA&S as well as Inf, refer back a couple of posts. I assume from the the BBC link that the two weeks later on is covering the RTC 4 week OA&S prior to ATR or is it the ATR itself?

  12. If you want to go on the Midlands Challenge event you need to go via one of the West Midlands TA units or speak to the Brigade Recruiting Team at HQ 143 Bde in Shrewsbury.

    The local infantry are the West Midlands Regiment. Contact details:
  13. I know how to get in touch with the relevant Bde/Regts myself Fred. Unfortunately I am not target audience for Midlands Challenge. My point is that there seems to be little marketing push for it and no web presence, unlike the first hit for 'Summer Challenge'
  14. No worries, crystal ball cloudy with respect to yourself, though it might be of interest to charlie1989 who asked the q in the first place.

    Point well made on the marketing.
  15. Official site for the midlands challenge:
    Not very well advertised on the army or MOD sites is it?

    Starts a day after my 17th so I should be good to go on it :D