Can employer claim tax back for paid time off for camp

Quick one,
The company I work for used to give me two weeks paid time off (at mangers discretion) to attend annual camp. As I've now come back under new T&C's they will only give 2 weeks unpaid time off. This will leave me a few hundred quid out of pocket which I can't really afford at the moment due to me living alone.

We are having a live chat today with the HR director and I'd like to ask why this. So I'm wondering if my company gave me paid time off they would be able to claim it back via the taxman?

It's a bit pish changing it as some of the other companies we are trying to bench mark our salary etc against currently allow paid time off for camps.


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Simple answer - no.

There is no special tax concession in the UK - as there is in the USA or Australia, not sure which - which allows for the employers of those doing specified Public Duties (such as Magistrate, TA, Etc) to claim tax relief on the profits lost by allowing them to do those activities.

The relationship between you and your employer is not one in which the TA intrudes - at least not legally. I am afraid that this is an increasing problem, and will continue to get worse in a recession.

Your best bet is to get in touch ASAP with SaBRE, who will - if you agree - get in touch with your employer and picturise him as to the benefits of letting you be in the Volunteer Reserves.
Two weeks extra paid holiday to go on camp. You lucky git.

Looks like you will have to use your normal holiday the same as everyone else. This will be the only way you will not be out of pocket.
TopBadger said:
OldSnowy said:
get in touch with your employer and picturise him as to the benefits of letting you be in the Volunteer Reserves.
My bold

What on earth is that?
Maybe Snowy is in America :twisted:
v. t. 1. To picture.
[imp. & p. p. Picturized ; p. pr. & vb. n. Picturizing.]
2. To adorn with pictures

similar to visualize
How come you're under new T&C's? takeover or something?

Would have expected that you would have been TUPE'd, in which case constructive dismissal and discrimination for being in reserve forces might apply???./
I was made redundant from the company in 2007, As I rejoined in 2008 the T&C's for new starters had changed for example on the old T&C I got the two weeks paid leave and 1 months money for every year I done if I was made redundant now it's take the time off unpaid or use holidays and 1 week's money if your laid off again.

I've emailed the HR director about it and I'll see were it goes as people doing charity work are allowed days off paid same with people doing trade union work
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