Can dependants claim local association for housing?

I would be grateful if some one out there could answer the follow RFIs.

Can dependants claim local association for housing from the council? Someone I know, a son of a soldier and ex sailor,who is on his uppers having lost his job and his previous accommodation and is now sofa surfing. The council have stated they do not have a liability to house him as he has no local association to the area.

I am aware that members of the Armed Forces can claim association to areas for benefit reasons on certain occasions. Questions I have are;

1. What is the definitive document that states how this works are what the rules are and where can I get a copy form?

2. What are the reasons that you can claim an association for?

3. Can dependants claim association to an area if they were quartered there?

How old is the son? If he moved out from his parents and got a job/had his own accomodation, I don't think the local authority would class him as a "dependant" now, even if he's gone back to stay with his parents.
Cheers for your input nogbad, but the right to claim local affiliation to an area was part of LibCon deal for the Armed Forces, I am looking for the reference so I can interpret the meaning and when it applies.

As someone once educated me, opinons are like *********, every on has one, and don't count for swat unless backup in black and white.
Taken from AFF:

Improved Social Housing Support for Service Personnel and their Families

Parliament has amended the Housing Act in favour of Service Personnel who are now entitled to establish a local connection in the same way as civilians do. This will benefit individuals and their families for the purposes of applying for homelessness assistance or social housing in England. Previously, being stationed in an area did not count for the purpose of establishing a local connection with that area.

The change took effect on 1 December, 2008 and is most likely to benefit those about to leave the Forces, those who have recently left, separated partners, and their families. Click to read the Government letter to local authorities about this.

Although the Government’s letter only refers to ‘someone serving in the Armed Forces’, we have received assurances that the amendment extends to estranged spouses and civil partners.

The Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) have produced a comprehensive Question and Answer section on the topic of Local Connection Rules in their latest edition of ‘Housing Matters’. Click and go to page two to read more.


Give the SSAFA Housing Office a ring: 020 7463 9398. They have all the up to date info.
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