Can Crabs work for RTC?

Hmmm, sure I'm going to regret this but....

I'm looking for a move to a different unit, and was considering working for one of the RTCs.

Does anyone know if it is possible for RauxAF commissioned personnel to occupy posts there?

I have made some enquiries at my current unit, but I suspect I'll get a faster response here.
I suspect not, as they are a Bde asset and therefore accountable via Div to LAND not STRIKE.

That said, you can but ask. I suspect the initial question back will be 'who's paying?'.

My thoughts are that as you're not actually in the Army...
You would have to transfer to a commissioned TA post. If you are interested contact the Adjt at your local TA unit and see if they have a vacant PID for you and would be supportive. Arrange an interview with their CO, discuss your intentions. Providing APC approve the transfer you would move across to the equivalent TA rank and would then be able to apply to the RTC (via the Regional Bde) for a posting.
Hmmm, thanks for that guys.

Interesting as at present I'm in a Tri-Service unit, which is part of a regular Bde, and when my time here is up early next year, it looks as though my replacement will be Army.

Unfortunately JD, the transfer option isn't likely to be open to me due to my advanced years. Annoying, as I'm one of the fittest in my unit, but there you go....
Cadet Instructor it is then.
That's my other job already :)

I thought an RTC job might allow me to combine the two....

I suspect the Regiment may be my next port of call, as, amazingly, they will still take me.....
Not bloody likely!

Last thing we need is the gaffer sprinting off with a hearty "Follow me chaps!" as he disappears into the distance!

"advanced years...." - I think there are continents younger than you. :p

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