Can CMCQ take WHTs?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Logmeister, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Looking for a reference that states CMCQ can take weapon handling tests. Had a look in the current rev of PAM21 and can't see it although may have been looking in the wrong place hence the post. Thanks in advance. :?
  2. Yes they can from my course but they can't take the remedial training should anyone fail.

    Havent't got a PAM 21 close by so can't give you the paragraph and page numbers

    Only suggestion try the qualifications part and what that qualification can do
  3. Not according to the MATTs.
  4. Not any more
  5. Does CMCQ qualification cover you for your matts LF4. if it doesn't can it??
  6. Wasn't the whole Idea of the K qual to allow CMCs to take WHTs easing the pressure on SAAIs?

    Has this now been done away with?
  7. :? Can you try and explain that a little bit more clearly?
  8. CMCQ is coaching the battle shot, safety supervisor on purpose built ranges and, on the course I was on, conduct WHT on A2's and LSW. I have the course certificate to prove it and it is also on my docs. I certainly have not received any correspondence which would indicate that I am not allowed to carry out WHT's.
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